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We invite you to become our Winning Rights Team Member in benefit package. Membership who really want to support our quest to help people find and live their desire as successful people, loving parents or happy grand-parents visiting their children and grand-children... and even great grand-children to impart and empower moments they will never forget! = Here with our Patrons.

We believe you are the most valued Patron to our relationships... the Patron who can partner with us to help others discover their stories, talents, skills and abilities with their online YouTube video App in creatives!

These online skills through our creative Apps, videos, music, and talents can empower those who have not discovered these simple tools for liberated lives.

But we need gas money and food to reach these people around our country and to equip them with these hopes and tools. Teaching them how to use this simple video tool system ( to provide for themselves in life is very simple. And we can reach them around the world with your possible foundation as a student-patron.

Together we can teach and equip people how to be Free, and you, with our fun and liberating network solutions can be Free, too. You are our Patron audience who can change the lives of people in our great efforts by becoming a Patron member to reach and help people accomplish success in their daily lives together!

You will receive access to our travel benefits around the world, free energy savings, and great online offers discovered in our journeys. Starting with a free promotional profile in our network, so you too can connect and follow with our new friends and students!

Now you can discover how you can contribute your values and skills to the next generations with us! We have discovered great videos and programs for the Winning Relationships and the licensing Rights for the tools to create your own online tool-box.

Tools at http://www.AnyCost.Info network solutions... like EasySketchPro: http://EasySketchPro.AnyCost.Info for professional video marketing skills you can offer for income!

Now Visit: http://WRapp.AnyCost.Info App Solutions and get details in  http://Patron.AnyCost.Info App solutions.

App Tools like that can help you go visit our National Parks and locations with your family and friends!

You will get access to our travel offers in as our WR Team member in benefits. Giving you the ability to plan your great trips and adventures with your interests around the world!

Plus, you will get access to our travel school academy in Real Vacation Careers and discover more benefits in these offers like in our and with so much more!

You will get Free Benefit access to 20% to 30% Savings in your energy costs in

And you can gain unique and creative ideas that we have discovered for fun and exciting adventures in building your own online network for "Lifestyle Living!"

We hope by faith that you too will be blessed to enjoy the freedoms and responsibilities it takes to help others along their discovery journeys in life!

Here Are Some
Story Telling Video App Sites...  

Movies, Music, & More...

Welcome & Thank You for joining
our "Lifestyle Living Classes" filled
with 'How To' videos and online content like communities.

Pledge with us... Become Our Patron.

For Your Success! 
Brent Nunez 
[email protected]

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In our Basic Online Email System you can start or retire with your own CEO status at the lowest cost to begin again. Our school of incomes online email system empowers you with an income by processing sales from listings around the world.

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Now You Can Join Us In The Freedom Movement Across The Nations... Here

Grow with ' Joint Heirs' in your Spirit, Soul and Body with us here by learning about... The Word Of Faith... Access In Him

Devotional Resources:  The BibleBVOV.tvBible StudiesEquipperWord For You

We have several free network sites for your personal growth and fellowship...  AnchorStone.comWTJOCCApologetiX.InfoMCD
USAAmeri-CANs, theme sites with and 
www.MaryAnnNunez.Info family teams. Join with us in our community and Freedom Teams - Here

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Welcome to the ultimate dream tool is our App System for YouTube adventures created for any type of adventure online. Now your adventures can be the story-line you can offer the world of families and home based business leaders across the land, allowing you to grow and prosper in your 'First Fish Award' adventures in life.

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' Lifestyle Living Classes!' 

My wife and I have worked very hard raising our children and relatives to be adventure fans and to go out and dream their dreams. And now they are all building their families and their www.Ameri-CANs.Info adventures.

We want to help others through our online  network in  www.MyCityDirectories-USAcom to reach their dreams and adventure ideas in their own lives. By working together we truely believe family principles will make that possible! 

Our goals are to empower others with We.NeedIncome.Info tools that can help them reach their own interesting and demanding ideas in a very simple and positive way. We use 3 Simple Steps! 
Together using our App we can tell our stories through YouTube videos with others. This is the subject of our quest helping others realize that they too can make it happen! -
We Can Believe To Be Free In Our Life

Become a Patron! Consider joining together with us by becoming a Patron who will be empowered to use our tools and experiences to reach your dreams and ideas of a great life by helping others rise to their family's best expectations! 

Brent Nunez   
[email protected]    
Private Banking Pro at

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Our first goal is to help enough Patron members to be able to enjoy our free online student or patron school-of-incomes and group programs and Free Income System & Free Bonus Offers!

Introducing our NetSpend Offer and Playing Cards used as Business Cards with our Free $20 Bonus System and Set-up! Complete with Our Training, Bonuses, and Secrets For Great Gold Wealth Preservation & Silver Earnings!

Enjoy some of our videos in our YouTube Channel search for "Free $20 Bonus System...' plus others like: Video 1v2v3 and some of our Awesome online benefit offers and automation with Free Product Network systems! This can help assist our support efforts to help people meet their basic needs.

Your Patron support as a student and Patron can help with gas money and food to assist us with the homeless, the helpless, and the elders... To be able to learn more about support skills, effective relationships, and elderly comforts visiting their families. 

We do this with outreach efforts designed for training others to use Private Banking information with computerscellphones, and social media skills to provide for themselves as a productive citizen in our Community organization.

Our WR Team with your Patron support of beneficial generosity and understanding efforts in this empowerment quest could reasonably help us reach others locally and online more effectively. We would be able to reach out to individuals and teach people their set-up skills and provide them routine daily training activities. This can help people to succeed in building their own online network like you can here too. Allowing people to be able to bring together many personal dreams.

We will be creating tools and locating products and services for connecting people online and building zip-code locations to train people locally and globally through Patreon's platform services. These locations will provide one-on-one training and skills with motivational training activities online through Live Streams, etc. 

Together we will be able to provide online programs with your Patron membership to work toward student assistance programs. And we could visit our immediate family members as grand-parents... to love and pass-on our skills and values for success. And we could possibly visit our WR Team members around the country and the globe. 

This has been my personal dream for over 30 years and we have visited 40 States and helped several of our friends and strangers for years. Now we finally have a way... that others can join together with us as online students to help people tell their stories to the next generations.

Remember! Thank You Much... The Word says, "God's desires are from generation to generations..." Psalms 33:11 
Discover more secrets in
(Live The Word... 
and we want to reach people within their lives.

Sincerely Yours,
Brent & MaryAnn Nunez
[email protected]  
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