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What's It All About?

Thank you so much for considering contributing to With a Terrible Fate. Our mission is to give gamers new tools for understanding and appreciating video games as a form of storytelling. We believe that people have only just begun to scratch the surface of analyzing the special storytelling of video games; we're trying to develop a new, rigorous way to think about this young, powerful medium.

With a Terrible Fate started when founder Aaron Suduiko decided he wanted to study the storytelling of video games as part of his philosophy degree in college. He grew up playing video games the way other people read novels, and always thought there was something special about their stories. When Nintendo announced that they were remaking Majora's Mask for the 3DS, he decided to spend three months analyzing what made the story of Majora's Mask so artistically groundbreaking. This blog grew into With a Terrible Fate, as he brought on more writers and began the task of understanding how video games tell such amazing stories.

Thus far, our content has primarily long-form, extremely analytical and precise articles discussing both the stories of particular video games, and also the storytelling of video games more generally. We've also presented our work at venues like PAX Australia (fully documented here), PAX East (full video here), PAX West (soon!), Harvard, and the British Society of Aesthetics. Our work on games like Xenoblade Chronicles and Nier is also frequently cited on reddit and other game discussion forums.

We believe that it's absolutely crucial to understand the stories of video games on a new level. People, especially children, are increasingly engaging with video games rather than traditional media like books. Learning how to seriously understand video games as stories, then, can allow gamers to see them as more than mere "entertainment": we can come to discover some of the deepest and richest themes that stories can offer us within the code of video games.

Why Patreon?

Right now, the site generates no revenue: everything that happens on the site is the result of volunteer hours, because we love thinking seriously about video games. That means funding is the biggest bottleneck in growing the site. We would love to be able to work on the site full time, creating way more content and growing it in exciting new ways—but we need your help to make that happen.

We don't want to rely on ads for funding because we want the focus to always remain squarely on serious video game analysis, not on any sort of sponsored contents. That's why we want to give you, our readers, the chance to contribute to our success and growth. If you love what we do, please help us do more of it! You'll get special rewards as a bonus—rewards that are geared towards giving you more intimate access to how we think about video games on the site.

Where Does the Money Go?

There are nice-to-have's, and there are have-to-have's. Right now, your contributions would go towards securing the team's basic needs so we could spend more time developing the site. Once we gain some basic support, we can start looking to exciting ways to grow the site. We have lots of ideas.

Have-to-have's: basic income (the writers currently make no money for any of their work), games (we want to analyze the latest games for you, and most new games cost $60), convention travel (we want to speak at as many cons as possible, but airfare and hotels add up), and site development (we want to improve the actual structure of the site, but contractors like web developers and graphic designers aren't cheap).

Nice-to-have's. Here are just a few ideas of how we'd develop the site if we had the funds and flexibility to do so: a podcast where the team discusses ideas they have about games in a more relaxed manner than our articles; a book about video game analysis based on our work; a YouTube channel of video-based, rigorous game analysis; sending analysts to E3 to analyze upcoming, big-name titles; and (Dream of Dreams) a conference dedicated exclusively to the analysis of video game storytelling.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Whether or not you decide to contribute, we hope you continue to enjoy our work!
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The cost of a new, AAA video game. To celebrate reaching $60 per month, we'll let patrons propose and vote on a game for us to analyze. Not one, but two writers will publish brand-new work on the chosen game.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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