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 Before we released back in February we had a session zero and played for a few weeks. This practice game and prologue covers the last few days of our characters while they worked at Paradynamics. It ends right with Michael putting out the call for help that brings everyone back to work, at the start of episode 1.

At any level of contribution you will get access to the entire prologue, over 15 hours of additional content alone.

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One of the reasons that I took so long to actually move up from the youtube stuff I did was the standards I wanted to hold myself to. I put in a significant amount of editing on each episode past the prologue. At this level you will get access to the raw unedited version of all the released episodes we have so far. All the table talk, rules stuff, planning, jokes that I normally cut out are there for you guys 

The Raw episode will actually be the "next" episode to be released.  Putting you a week ahead of the public releases.




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About Without A Net

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Without a Net is a weekly tabletop rpg focused podcast,. We play to find out what happens, it is because of that we hope you will listen. With this Patreon drive we want to give back while creating a way to support the podcast. Our goal is to grow, but there is only so much that we can do without your help. Simple things like hosting, new books, backup gear are all concerns. Future partnerships and opportunities are also aspects we want to prepare for. On top of that we want to give back. At the very least I, the GM, want to give back to my players. Without them we would have never gotten this far. Without them we wouldn’t have the stories we are telling here. Beyond that, the fans. Without them this project would have never gotten to this point. I, would have never taken the next steps from youtube to make something more refined.

What started out years ago as a simple “Games for gm’s”, an idea to help game masters as a whole improve their craft, later grew to “ShadowWalking”, which helped new gms step up to the big chair. These two projects have lead us here. To a show focused on the story of 5 nobodies being thrust into a world they don’t understand. Forced to sink or swim, and all Without A Net.

$90 of $100 per month
At this level we will have become a bit better than self reliant. Helping to offset some of the basic needs of the podcast. Things like new rpg books, hosting, gear, and upgrades to support it. Everything earned at this level goes right back into making the show as great as possible.

This will also be where I start releasing patreon episodes on the feed once a month. Answering questions, giving shout outs, and whatever else strikes your fancies. 
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