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About Matthew

Hi there, welcome to my patreon!

Who I am?

I am Matthew, the current developer of WoW Challenger addon for World of Warcraft. I am a player and I love the lore of this game. I am also a computer science student.
One day I said to myself, can I mix my passion for the game with my passion for computing?
So I decided to learn LUA (the programming language), spent 3 to 4 months of my time and create an addon, here: WoW Challenger.

What is WoW Challenger?

The goal of WoW Challenger is to motivate players to accomplish hard achievements, find secret mounts and track their progress. A lot of people start the game directly with the boost token and do not play old game content still very good. That's why you will have to go to ancient continents of Azeroth to accomplish certain challenges but not all do not worry. So this addon regroup 7 achievements challenges ranked in order of difficulty and 6 secret mounts to find. You can follow your progress in live, what items should you have, what quest or achievement did you complete and the rewards you have won.

Each challenge has its parts and stages to complete to get the main achievement. Many rewards are waiting for you !

You may have noticed that the addon is in beta for the moment in order to improve as much as possible the addon. So do not hesitate to send me what can be improved, bug report and ideas for new challenges.

For the mounts, it's the same thing. Your progression is displayed, what quest, achievement you need to accomplish and what items you need to have.

Why Patreon?

Create an addon is not easy as you think. It tooks a lot of times for me (3 to 4 months) knowing that I had school projects at the same time. Furthermore, my school is not free (rather expensive) and, in my school curriculum, I will go to the USA in California (I live in France) at the end of the year during 8 months. I know that housing is expensive in California, so if I can help my parents financially through that and also thanks to you, I will do that.
For that, I create a " Thanks" page in the addon for the patrons.

See the different tiers on your right for more info about the rewards.
PS: For the Text in Game Tooltip rewards (from Epic Tier), send me a message of what you would like to write in the tooltip. The tooltip appears when you hover your name.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and I hope you'll help spread the word about WoW Challenger!
$3 of $15 per month
This will pay my WoW subscription. This will allow me to have constant access to WoW to work on the addon.
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