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(In the future, maybe I will have everyone vote on what I create next.)
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  1. You're Awesome!
  2. See my finished work first! 
  3. Receive updates and ideas about new concepts. 
  4. See Sketches and WIPs.
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  1. You're Awesome!
  2. See my finished work first! 
  3. Receive updates and ideas about new concepts. 
  4. See Sketches and WIPs.
  5. Links to unlisted videos of WIPs, and on air Livestream videos.




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About Wolf Daughter

New Original Art Series
I have been drawing and painting my whole life. It's my passion. I created many award-winning pieces of art back in high school and university. I was selling a good number of my pieces back then as well. Why did I stop creating? I was doing so well. Never time like the present to start again. Being laid off from my job at the first of the year has encouraged me to make a living working for myself.

My previous works already contained elements of surrealism, and I really enjoyed that. My new work will continue to include surrealism and I want to begin experimenting with automatic drawing as I explore my connection with nature, spiritual experiences, and nightly dreams. I'm improving my skills of digital painting, so some of my work will be digital, but some will be traditional pieces. 

Youtube Art and Adventure Vlogs
I plan to record as much of my process as possible, and create videos and tutorials for Youtube, so that others can see how I work and maybe learn something from my techniques.

Your support will help provide basic needs and resources for projects.
And with your help, I will create:
  • Original traditional and digital drawings and paintings
  • Art Vlogs on Youtube
  • experiment and expand knowledge of videography to create exciting adventure videos of hiking and camping trips to share that knowledge and experience with you
  • and experiment with nature/landscape/waterscape photography. 

Here's the breakdown:
$750 - "Dreaming of Shelter" - This amount covers my rent each month.
$1,000 - "Dreaming of Lights, Heat, and Water" - This amount pays my utilities, keeps the heat and lights on, the water running, and the internet on. (FYI - I don't have a cell phone, cable, or TV. So you're not wasting your money on that stuff.)
$1,300 - "Dreaming of New Clothes" - I have a little extra money to replace old clothes.
$1,500 - "Living!" - Your patronage is allowing me to have all of my basic necessities and pursue my passion of creating art full time!
$1,600 - "Paying it Forward" - I become a Patron and start supporting other artists, because I want them to flourish too.
$2,000 - "Dreaming of a New Computer" - I start saving money to replace my six year old laptop.

I have set a few smaller pledge goals along the way for fun (money goes towards necessities first). These are here so I can give away free art. Each time we reach a pledge goal, I will randomly pick one patron to receive a free digital drawing.

$5 pledge or combined pledges - "Dreaming of a Donut"
$25 combined pledges goal - "Dreaming of Pizza"
$50 combined pledges goal - "Dreaming of Pancakes and Bacon"
$75 combined pledges goal - "Dreaming of Chocolate and Tea"
$100 combined pledges goal - "Dreaming of Wing Night"
$175 combined pledges goal - "Dreaming of Winter Boots and Gloves"
$350 combined pledges goal - "Dreaming of New Paper and Pencils"
$550 combined pledges goal - "Dreaming of a Summer BBQ"

$5 of $5 per creation
First Patron to pledge $5 will receive a free digital drawing commission. ( Something fairly quick and simple, not too detailed. ) Or one person will be chosen when the combined total is reached.
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