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Access to my Patreon stream where you will see In-Progress Artwork from the world of Wolf-Man In The City such as drawings, scripts, behind the scenes pictures, posters, information about upcoming releases, and other cool items. I will also release work that I abandon - not everything ends up making the cut! 

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All access to Behind The Scenes videos for example the application of Wolf-Man's makeup, teaser trailers & promotional videos. Includes all previous rewards. 

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Access to Tutorial Videos on how to create your own movies! These specifically and many more interesting tutorials will be available with this tier including all previous rewards. 




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About WolfMan In The City


Hello! My name is Drew Giles. I make original video content such as my next series titled Wolf-Man in the City. This page will be an entertaining and informative place to receive a unique experience following me on my journeys as I pursue a lifestyle in filmmaking. All the while showing you step by step what it takes to create original narratives on a budget. Keep an eye out for more information on the series Wolf-Man in the City. It's going to be a blast creating a new world and I'd love for you all to be a part of that. The process is the story! 

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Patreon allows you to directly support the art that you enjoy. You are charged once a month, and you can cancel anytime. 1 dolla 2 dolla 3 dolla 4... Anything helps. Thank you!

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