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Hello! My name is Saru, I'm a content creator from India and I aim to polish my writing skills, create original works and maybe even publish them some day.

I grew up a Third Culture Kid, living in a variety of countries and cultures when I was young, and I remember creating my own stories . . . inevitably, with characters that never reflected myself but only what was considered the 'norm' (straight and white, as it goes). I've questioned myself on this and thought. Well, why can't we have the fantasy stories and the super hero stories I love so much, except with characters I can find myself in? I want both dammit!

I want to write the stories that I wish we could see more often in media here, and outside my country too. I want my writing to reflect my experiences and that of so many other people who haven't found themselves in mainstream content yet. This is my journey to that goal.

I write Sheith and gen fics and other Keith ships.

Follow me on Twitter @wolfsan11 for my latest fan works and rambles about Voltron, anime and whatever I'm currently reading ✨
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