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With our online culture there are many subscriptions we are tempted to enter into, so for this Tier I would like to offer a subscription that is small change but also meaningful. gardens are available for you. This is 'Buy A Plant', as that is what we will do with the money, keep buying and caring for plants and giving them homes :-) . Thank you for the extra generosity. Of course, if you live in Ireland or are visiting, please consider one of our Sunday Afternoons for Patrons. No extra fee.

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About Woodland Bard

Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens

Our labyrinth gardens are available for spiritual contemplation, mindfulness, problem solving, nature connection, journaling, creative writing, sound therapy sessions, developing project ideas, poetry readings, singing, dancing, storytelling, learning more about Ogham, trees, herbs, fae world folklore, and the sidhe world.. .

We currently host a Tree Labyrinth, Herb Spiral Labyrinth, Triple Spiral Labyrinth, Fire Dance Garden, Fruit Serpent Harvest Garden, and more planned.

All of these garden projects requires maintenance, repairs, and additional plants, hence our 'Buy A Plant' $2 subscription tier.

These gardens are open on Sundays between Spring Equinox in March until Autumn Equinox in September. Some Sundays are booked for exclusive use, some Sundays for a local fundraiser, but 12 Sundays of 2019 are for use by our Patrons only, with some lovely seasonal themed sessions. 

... and who is creating all of this?. .

Hello, I am John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard here. My nickname was given to me as coordinator of Bards In The Woods, in NW Ireland. Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens is now my full time work, between the Equinoxes, looking after their upkeep and guiding visitors. The cover pic above is the willow cairn centre, a  relaxation area of the Tree Labyrinth here  

Carrowcrory Cottage and Labyrinth Gardens, are between Ballymote in Co. Sligo and Boyle in Co. Roscommon. We are close to the county borders. But to honour my earned nickname, we still go into the woods and have bardic sessions from time to time, especially during March and October.  

for Patrons, I post all kinds of content here ...

1. Video, audio, and article productions, 5 to 30 minutes per episode.   
2. Some productions feature herblore, treelore, Ogham, water lore, labyrinths,
3. Some productions feature herb craft, cottage craft, and recipes
4. Some productions include poems, songs, stories, wellness thoughts, and composed music
5. Patreon Patrons are also invited to visit our labyrinth gardens, in season, free entry.    

See the Rewards Tier in the right margin for more info ...
Meanwhile, the priority use of your subscription pledges is help us to ... 

1. acquire more plants for our labyrinth gardens and tree planting projects.
2. acquire tools for improving our media productions for you.  

Thank you for your kind support

We hope to meet you here at Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens too, one day..  
John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard, so they called me :-)

Below is a song shared at a Bards In The Woods by Blue Germaine.

click here for our Carrowcrory Labyrinths web site

$20 of $100 per month
We are still adding new gardens to Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens and they always need additional plants and trees. At present I am focused on completing our Soft Fruit Serpent Garden, a winding serpent style labyrinth
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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