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What could be better than beautiful speckled yarn? Flecks of color dotted across a perfectly blank skein. Just like all of us! We are a blank canvas that is over time speckled with love, inspiration, and creativity! Each Speckle slightly different in shape, perhaps color, and size but all coming together to make something beautiful. I am so grateful you have decided to add to my blank canvas to help make it something spectacularly beautiful!

What this tier offers:
  • 10% off WoolenWomenFibers hand-dyed yarn
  • Access to a private Instagram account dedicated to my life, making, and of course indie-dyeing
  • Weekly Blog with all my making, creating and inspiration during the week
  • Early access to the Ph.Dyer weekly vlog episodes including creative content and my life as I grow as a wife, maker, and person
  • Variegated

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    As fiber soaks up the dye and we begin to immerse the skein in more color, something beautiful happens- colors begin to come together, variegated and stunning! Just as you have chosen to join me on my journey- we are coming together, sitting side-by-side- sharing our hues, vibrancy, and depth!

    What this tier offers:
    • Everything in the $3 tier
    • Special behind the scenes content on indie-dyeing, making, baking, cooking, etc.
    • Patron shout out! I LOVE to see what your busy making- Lets get your making noticed by featuring it in the monthly vlog or post


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    Something incredible happens when colors mix into one. They start simple and gain complexity as they change with another added color; changing into something different all-together. I am just as changed by gaining your patronage! Your support helps me to gain complexity and to experience new colors!

    What this tier offers:
    • Everything in the $3 and $5 tiers
    • A Monthly Virtual Knit Night
    • A monthly mailed commission of the latest colorways by WoolenWomenFibers- 10g mini skeins x 3




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    About PhDyer

    Welcome to Ph.Dyer!
    Join me on a journey out of the laboratory and into the dye studio!
    This Patreon will include vlogs, photos, and posts that will discuss my many interests in crafting including: indie-dyeing, knitting, spinning, embroidery, and any other crafts that may inspire! Access to my home life as a wife, maker, baker, foodie, and PhD will be included so that we can share both inspiration and love with one another!

    Get to know me:
    I am a PhD heavily focused in molecular biology and genetics research for the last 5 years...I know, CRAZY. I had always been surrounded by the fiber arts because my mom is an avid knitter and crafter. As you can probably guess- The PhD lifestyle did not afford much time to dabble in the fiber arts- until now! 
    For years I chose to work every hour of every minute and in the process lost my creativity and happiness in pursuit of a scientific career in industry. I have made the decision to pursue my creativity and to live the life I WANT to live! I am choosing to dive into a career that involves spending more time with the people who matter most, my family. I have learned that so much of the skills I gained in the laboratory can be applied to indie-dying! I started using my 'sciencey' skills to dye up beautiful hand-dyed fiber to share both my passions melded into one, science and creativity, and I couldn't be happier!! 
    I welcome you to join me on this journey as I transition for laboratory to dye studio and pursue my creative passions!

    Why join my Patreon?
    Pursuing your dreams requires a lot of courage! Sometimes we get stuck in the rut of careers we are not happy with and revamping can be HARD. It takes courage to pursue dreams sometimes because of finances or other situations. If you are looking to find that courage, join me! I will be sharing my experience and my journey from lab to dye studio in hopes it will inspire you to follow what makes you truly happy! If your already living your best life- this platform is a perfect place to share! I would be honored to hear your life experience and inspirational craftiness! 

    Your support is SO appreciated!
    Starting an indie-dyeing business is not cheap. Makers struggle with everyday finances and often work multiple jobs to pay for their making. To state the obvious, becoming a doctor is not cheap. Your patreonage supports a newly graduated PhD to pursue making and growing my small business despite the weight of student debt. I couldn't be more grateful to anyone who decides to join- I have so much love, inspiration, and making to share! 

    21 of 100 patrons
    When I reach 100 patrons- I will be able to enter to vend or attend virtual knitting events that will allow me to add to the content of the "day in the life" vlogs! Vlogs dedicated to taking you along for making/knitting/indie dying events! I have also been wanting to take courses for knitting design and hope to be able to take you along for that journey when it comes about. Your support is SO appreciated =)
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