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As a Thank You for your first contribution, I will email a copy to you of my extensive autobiographical verse,1st Person Singular. I wrote it while studying with Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, in the early 1990s. The story of how this poem led to my converting my entire mystic-linguistic perspective on English into WordMagical performance verse will be included with the poem. Every other month thereafter, you will receive another example of WordMagic verse – including my Marijuana Sutra– which I composed in 1965 while a student at UC Berkeley.



About Laurel Airica


If you like to Play with Words
And don’t think Puns are for the Birds
Then take this Flight of Fancy now –
Just on a Lark, she’ll show you how:

To rise above the standard attitude
Until you reach that grander latitude –
That helps one see the Alchemy
That’s conjured up by
A, B, C!

Calling all WordPlay Enthusiasts – and anyone who has ever wondered how we can possibly Use the Word for the World’s ReCreation!

Please Consider This:

If the Word made the World,
And our World is in anguish –
Must be Time to get Free
From the Spells of our

The plant-based philosopher Terrence McKenna pointed out that –

“We are prisoners of language and if we’re prisoners of language then the key that will set us loose is somehow also made of language. What else will fit the lock? So, somehow an act of poetic legerdemain is necessary …”

Enter WordMagic!

I have spent a lifetime piecing together the puzzle of the English-language paradigm –pun-by-pun while also decoding a bit of the Alphabet. Overtime I amassed a treasury of WordMagic verse and prose – only some of which I’ve had the opportunity to share with the world.

You’ve likely encountered some small piece of my work – on a video, in a podcast, or an article. In truth, this is only a small glimmer of what I have already created – and what is yet to come.

This where YOU come in – if you feel so moved: I am asking for your caring patronage and participation so I can bring more WordMagic into the world in the form of high-quality videos, motion graphics, illustrated books and interactive seminars.

I’ve begun to make some of my unpublished WordMagic available on this site, which you can unlock through your kind patronage – at $1/month or more – according to your budget and your interest. Please help me bring through a life's work that can help more people understand how together we can turn the tide on the Global See of Consciousness – as we speak and write – before we completely go over the edge!

“It’s the most powerful force, I believe, on Earth – the English language!”

With Love & Great Fullness of Heart!

“Speak a new language and the world will be a new world.” Rumi

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To date, The Secret Spells of the English Language has been my most popular video. It outlines our Life Sentence when we are adult (a dolt). But there’s also a life sentence for children. And I’ll share it with you once I have sufficient funding to create a high quality video – with illustrative graphics. Then you’ll see the ordinary words that sentence us in our early years – culminating in our adolescence (addle essence). Together these two ‘Life Sentences’ will make it clear to you why, as writer Charles Bukowski noted, “Almost everyone is born a genius and buried an idiot.”
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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