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My name is Simon Amadeus Pillario, I've been creating the Word for Word Bible Comic full-time since we completed our first successful Kickstarter in 2014. We've been so blessed by the support of my fans allowing me to take this crazy idea and literally quit my day job. We've already completed four books and we're now creating our sixth one, The Gospel of Matthew!

My two little boys, wife and I live off a very modest income from the Kickstarter funding and book sales so this is another way to keep us ticking over. We want to give new fans who missed the Kickstarter a chance to back the project and a way for existing fans to get more involved and be at the cutting edge of the process, and that's why I'm on Patreon.

Becoming a Patron lets you be part of making this happen, lets you be involved behind the scenes, see pages several months before the official release and have your say before the current book even goes to print. Your patronage of $1 or more a month is like a direct debit which you can stop, decrease or increase at any time. The maximum Tier listed as $10 but you can give any amount $20, $50, $100+ this will help you build up the contribution to get your face in the comic more quickly! 

We hope you'll consider joining the team and officially become a "Patron of the Arts" like those saints that supported Michelangelo in painting the Sistine Chapel.

But first, let's tell you more about it...

The Word for Word Bible Comic

(Short TLDR version : Find more details below) 

The world’s best selling book of all time in hard-hitting comic book format!
But this is not like any before it: The Word for Word Bible Comic is historically accurate, unabridged and untamed!

Want to buy a copy of the books? Go here: https://wordforwordbiblecomic.com/buy

By not missing out one word from the biblical text readers will know it is a trustworthy, authentic and authoritative rendering. The words rendered redundant by the illustrations (like 'he said') are placed inconspicuously between the panels. See 'More Information' below.

In-depth historical research and landscapes drawn from the real locations give the story a rich, visual and accurate middle eastern, historical setting that the text alone will lack. See 'More Information' below.

This graphic novel will not shy away from any issue the Bible addresses. Unfortunately, due to the corruption of mankind, these issues include violence, kidnapping and cold-blooded murder. This work will not glamorize evil of any kind nor will it be explicit or dwell on these things but it will cover all the lessons the Bible teaches. As a result, it is primarily aimed at adults and teens rather than small children. See 'More Information' below.

This is, of course, not the first comic to portray Biblical stories. But unlike its predecessors, it will not abridge any of the text or attempt to "reinvent" any of the stories.

  • "Indeed, one might argue that the Word for Word Bible Comic is actually a more authentic presentation of the Bible than our bare printed texts, which invite us to fill a visual vacuum by supplying pictures in our own imagination of people and events."- Rev Dr Christopher R. Smith (Author of “Understanding the Books of the Bible” Study Guides from IVP. Doctorate in Historical Theology and the Bible.)

Featured by:

My Story

(For those who'd prefer a video version...)
When I first read the Bible properly I was 23 and I was surprised by the adult themes of all kinds of abuse and corruption. I realised that unless I had read it for myself I would never have known what was in there. As I am dyslexic the prospect of reading a two thousand page tome was very daunting therefore, I knew there must be so many people (Christian and non-Christian) who'd not read the Bible just because it is so long and they prejudge it as boring or irrelevant. As I love comics I checked out the Bible-based comics that are out there and realised they are all highly abridged and sugar-coated for kids. I found myself hoping someone would create a comic version that told the whole story, unabridged and for an adult audience. It was not long after that I realised, "Oh, it's me". 

Another element I bring to the comics is historical accuracy. I am a live-roleplayer and so historical accuracy has always been a passion of mine. I could never settle for the heroes wield "a sword", I had to know what kind of sword? what style? This expanded to wanting to make everything just right in the comic. I even ensure minor details are correct, when there is an animal, for example, a dog, it has to be the right breed for the time and the region, not just any old dog. 

So I started drawing again, (I hadn't focused on this since before college) I developed a style and worked on my consistency. I spent 5 years researching the period, read loads of books, articles, blogs and more on the time of the Judges. Then, I started making a sample to ensure it would really work. It was at that point, I first heard of Kickstarter and straight away I knew this could work for me. 

In 2014 after copious research on running a successful Kickstarter, and preparing the 23-page story of Samson, I launched the first Kickstarter. It had a crazily high goal of £15,000 (about $20,000) and it ran during my 3-month paternity leave from my call-center day job. 

Amazingly in the last few days of the campaign, we smashed through the goal and ended up near £20,000 ($27,000). So I quit my job and started working full-time on the project.

Since then we've finished Judges and created Joshua and Ruth from our second Kickstarter. We are now creating the Gospel of Mark, funded by our third Kickstarter.

We are lucky enough to have picked up some great endorsements along the way, so I hope they will give you the confidence to get involved and support the work. 

Amazon Customer Reviews

The Rewards

You can give any figure each month like a Direct Debit and choose a reward of any level up to that figure (or no reward if you prefer). 

PAGES: As I complete pages of the current book (at the moment that's Mark's Gospel) I'll upload them onto the Patron-only feed which can be seen by $1 or more patrons, more pages per month are available for the higher tier backers. So you can read the pages, (including the ones posted previously) normally long before they will go to print. As part of the community, I hope you will comment and ask questions too! These pages come to you in an email every two weeks on a Friday.

VIDEOS: Once every 2-weeks, I'll create a video which can for viewed by Patrons on the $5 or more a month tiers. They will detail most of the historical references, decisions made, composition, difficulties and Biblical aspects that affect each of the panels. For a sample watch this video below. These videos come to you in an email every two weeks on a Friday. 

Patreon community and hangouts: Now we have hit our first goal of 25 patrons we will be having exclusive quarterly patron-only live streams. We will explore the technology and it will be a live video where you can comment or possibly even a Sykpe style conference call if possible. 

Restrictions on appearing as an extra in the “YOU IN THE BIBLE” reward - *** Please read this entry carefully and contact me if you are thinking of going for this level *** Firstly if you have glasses you will appear without glasses. If you have a very modern hairstyle your style will be interpreted into a more natural look or may be covered up. The decision on where you feature will be my choice to best fit the story. You may be a good person or you may be a bad person, dead or alive.
Restrictions on the “SPEAK IN THE BIBLE” reward - *** Please read this entry carefully and contact me if you are thinking of going for this level *** All the restrictions above (though your likeness will at least start out alive). If you are white you may appear to be more tanned than normal to fit in with a Semitic ethnicity. As this is a set text I can only accept people who can fit into the roles available, based on age, gender, look etc. The decision on where you feature will ultimately be my choice to best fit the story and your appearance but if you contact me we can discuss the options.

What is the money for? 

My two little boys, wife and I live off a very modest income from the Kickstarter funding and book sales. We live very frugally, and my wife is always on Money Saving Expect or eBaying our old stuff. Our successful Kickstarters might seem to be a lot of money but the amount gets cut in half by KS fees, printing, fulfilling rewards, postage, and paying colourists. So, for example, the Gospel of Mark KS only gives us £10,000 to live on for 18 months, so we try to only use £500 a month at the moment, and we live by faith that God will provide enough each month to keep us going. 

Please help me and the family not live the poor artist stereotype, and afford the occasional babysitter, new pair of shoes, professional hair cut. Also, it will help us when big bills like a reprint of the Book of Judges is needed or we have a problem, like, the car breaking down.  

That's why I'm on Patreon, and if you enjoy the art or you believe in the project and a way to make God's Word more accessible to people you would otherwise not read the Bible, then I hope you'll go ahead a send us a few bucks each month. 


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Whether you can support the project financially or now please do tweet, share, tell your friends who like comics and Christian friend.

How can they believe in the project of which they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone to tell them? ;)

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Want to buy a copy of the books? Go here: https://wordforwordbiblecomic.com/buy

More Information

As promised above, here is more info for those of you who want to know more detail. 

Using the best scholarship available and a range of sources we have tried to link the event to as specific a time period as possible and include much historical detail. For example, at the start of the “Judges” period chariots have four spokes in the wheels, half way through the three centuries technology moves on and chariot wheels have six spokes.

Another example is found in the pottery, which is different and distinct to each period and nation. This level of detail is intended to immerse the reader in the story, helping to contextualise the world that these people lived in. Also, the range of styles, fashions and traditions give a richness that text alone will lack. Another element is the correct ethnicity of the heroes and their enemies, to help understand the spectrum of people found in the Bible. All too often we see a Western Jesus or expect the characters to act like people of our own culture or nation and forget this is, for the most part, a Middle Eastern account.

Lastly, maps interspersed into the story help pinpoint the action and also highlight the times that significant events happen on the same turf or nearby to other significant events. 

Click for more info:

Unlike any other comic rendition of the Bible, this one will be completely unabridged. Are you frustrated by film adaptations of your favourite books boiling down the story to nothing and missing out the character development and some of your favourite parts? By keeping all the words and not rushing the story this graphic novel aims to keep the pace, social intricacies, surprises and even humour of the original text.

You can see from the example images that all the words (even “he said” and descriptive elements) are still included into the comic but subtly in the 'gutters'. These generally appear as dark grey on medium grey. The intention is that if you are reading it as a comic, you could ignore these bits. However, if you want to read them to see what the Bible text includes they are present and legible.

This also means that no parts of the stories are overlooked or avoided. For example, the Levite's concubine (Judges 19), Jephthah's sacrifice (Judges 12), or brides for the Benjamites (Judges 21). All parts of the story are important and, in my experience as an illustrator and comic fan, it's the details that help you understand the full story and characters.

Click for More Info:

This graphic novel will not shy away from any issue the Bible addresses. Unfortunately, due to the corruption of mankind, these issues include violence, kidnapping, and cold-blooded murder. This work will not glamorize evil of any kind, nor will it be explicit or dwell on these things, but it will cover all the lessons that the Bible teaches.

In this fast-paced visual age of instant movies and tv-on-demand, this series intends to grab the attention of those unlikely to sit down and read a dusty old book, let alone the Bible.

Some people may be surprised to learn, the primary consumers within the exploding comics market today are not children but men aged 27-36 and women aged 17-26 (Comixology survey '13). This series targets that market by simply using the multifaceted and often bloody ancient narrative, without simplifying it, watering it down or attempting to repackage it in a child-friendly way.

These comics will come with an 'age advisory' notice, or either 15+ or 12+. All the books we are currently working on on Patreon will be aimed at 12+, anything too violent or graphic will be censored here on Patreon. 

Click for more info:

Sample Pages

Below are sample pages from The Gospel of Mark.

Want to buy a copy of the books? Go here: https://wordforwordbiblecomic.com/buy
65 - reached! patrons
If we can reach 55 patrons, this project will be 7th project under the search for Bible and on the first page of projects under the search "comic". I believe this will really help us gain more patrons from those browsing Patreon. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 415 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 415 exclusive posts

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