is creating a structural solution to online (scientific) misinformation
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About WorldBrain

Hey folks, 

What if you never had to re-google webpages, in case you need to find them again and simultaneously battle scientific misinformation on the internet? Then you'll have the chance to do that here. :)

At the WorldBrain project we are working on a structural solution towards misinformation
Doing so by developing software for science communicators (and the general public) to easily find, evaluate and share relevant & trustworthy web content with their network.
You can watch our vision video that explains this concept in more detail here:

The first tool:
An open-source search-engine that lets you simultaneously full-text search all the pages you visited and bookmarked, as well as other places like Evernote, Pocket, Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Mendeley, Zotero, Pinboard and many more.
Here you can download chrome extension (Soon for Firefox/Safari/Opera as well) which already supports full-text search in your browsing history and bookmarks:

Progress Update
You find here in the post-section.

For questions, visit: 

Thank you for supporting us!
The whole WorldBrain team

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As for any open-source project, the people contributing unfortunately also have to make a living and therefore the development is constantly in battle with basic survival priorities. 
We want to give a developer the financial support so that he/she has the mental freedom to work full-time on this project. 

Here we are looking for a Javascript developer who loves thinking about how we can build more democratic internet infrastructures. 
Ideally with experience in extension development and decentralised systems.
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