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About Richard S Omura

The Earth Monitor project needs your help!
Please contribute for the sake of the Earth! All donations made on Patreon will be used for the Earth Monitor Project unless requested otherwise.

In a society where people have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees, I have a unique ability to see both the trees and the forest. My experiences in the world have enabled me to come up with fresh new perspectives. I have delved into transcendental states of consciousness and discovered insights into myself and the universe with explorations into religion, spirituality, science and philosophy. I bring to my work a lifetime of experiences in various disciplines and sources of insight.

Aside from creative, spiritual and intellectual pursuits, I am also an adventurer. I have swam with dolphins, surfed big waves in Hawaii, communicated with whales, been in Hollywood films, played Eskimo baseball with Inuits, lead tv crews to over 40 states, have composed, recorded and produced original music, have written six books, seven screenplays, been a radio DJ and copywriter, have gigged in various clubs in Los Angeles with my blues band, been a nightclub manager, and currently work to uplift the world with my creative endeavors.

My pledge to you is that I will devote all my creativity, love, passion, intelligence, values and effort to make this world and the universe into a place of truth, beauty, good, harmony and love. I do this with my books, my music, my art and various projects that I am inspired to do. I spent my youth discovering what life in the universe is all about. Now, I am going to spend the rest of my life using this experiential knowledge to promote awareness, goodwill, peace, intelligence, super-consciousness, wholeness and most of all, universal love. Please allow your soul to come along with me in this journey! Your contributions will be multiplied in a spreading ripple of love that will turn into enormous waves of positive change and growth that will uplift the Earth. That is my pledge to you.

Richard S. Omura
To see all that I do please go to

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My initial goal is not so much about money. More importantly, I need people to take the ball and run with it: spread the word on social media, link to this site. Make it your personal project. Help me start a not-for-profit organization. I have already submitted this project to Al Gore, IBM, and the UN, with no luck in garnering support.  With the monetary contributions, I plan to create a better video, a better website and a better social media presence. After this goal is met, the next goal will  be to make a prototype Earth Monitor.
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