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About World of Longplays

World of Longplays is a Video Game Museum!
We post a new longplay video every 12 hours on our YT channel:

All recordings are available for download completely FREE at: (files are hosted on Archive.Org)
All videos are recorded in their original frame rate and resolution to ensure the best possible quality!

Our Discord server can be found here:

Why does World of Longplays do Patreon?
In order to record videos we require emulators that support Re-Recording and Savestates. One of those emulators is Bizhawk. Unfortunately that emulator only supports a limited amount of systems. This limits the kind of videos we can do! But, we want to change that!

With the help of Patreon we want to hire freelance programmers that help us getting new cores into Bizhawk, so it supports more systems than it currently does. However, Freelance programmers arent cheap, and thats why we hope this Patreon will help us to finance it :) Here are some potential systems that we want to see supported: 3DO, Amiga, Mame, DosBox, PSP, PS2 etc :)

In the end financing ports of these cores will benefit everyone - as they will be integrated into Bizhawk and made available for free to the public. As an added bonus, getting more sytems supported by Bizhawk will also benefit the Speedrun community and might lead to some speedruns on previously unseen systems :)

Any leftover funds that arent spendt on coding will go towards funding the channel and website! 

What are my rewards for being a Patron?

As all our videos are available for free anyway, there isn't that much we can offer in return beside our eternal gratitude! However, you will get bragging rights via a Discord supporter status that displays your support level :)

Aside that, you will have access to a Patreon only Discord channel where you can request longplays! While there is no guarantee that someone wants to do these games, it still means there is a higher chance of someone longplaying those due to higher visibility compared to our Request forums :)

Other potential rewards is access to beta versions of new Bizhawk cores and getting leftover keys for games that were sent to us. However dont expect any top games, its mainly indie stuff!

What Patreon updates will there be?
We do not plan to update this Patreon much, except when there is major news like a new core working in Bizhawk. If you want to stay up-to-date with us, use our Discord chat or website to contact us directly!

Thanks to everyone supporting our little museum and helping us to fund the future of this project :)
$13.73 of $1,000 per month
Hire a programmer for a day or two to work on a specific project!
Like adding a feature or work on porting an easy core like C64!

Any potential unspendt leftover funds will go towards the Longplays project!
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