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About Worlds of Ink

Worlds of Ink is a monthly tabletop role-playing and worldbuilding zine.

Each month, we will release a PDF containing at least one fully playable, original, role-playing game and one setting. Sometimes the two will be connected, but not always. The World of Ink zines are designed to be printer friendly.

Worlds of Ink's manifesto is to promote the works of queer, PoC, and disabled writers. We believe in accessibility and fair compensation for contributors. Pledges put towards our zine will be used to pay for art and article commissions in order to bring you a better overall product.
As part of our efforts to make Worlds of Ink as accessible as possible, we use OpenDyslexic as the primary font in our zine.

If you are interested in contributing to Worlds of Ink, check out the twitter hashtag #WorldsofInkSubmissions.

If Patreon is not an option for you, individual issues are up for sale on our store.

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