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Introducing...WrestleMedia, where everything is wrestling and wrestling is everything! We are the home of several pro wrestling podcasts hosted by fans from all walks of life; from life long smarks to those who have laced up the boots and competed against legends of the ring. We bring those experiences together and create content (podcasts, videos, blogs) with unique perspectives for our fans.

Since 2016, WrestleMedia has produced hundreds of episodes of (free) weekly entertainment from The Lasting Mark, Wrestling With History, Ropes 2 Reels, We Have Till Five, The Wrasslun Show, Women Crush Wrestling, Forging The Future, and more! It's that last section we love to focus on - MORE. The more support we get, the more we can give you, our Patrons. More like exclusive shows, contests, merchandise, and other ideas that we haven't even thought of yet. 

Grab your dirt sheets, put on those nerd glasses and pledge your support. Now is the time. Be a part of the WrestleMedia Revolution!
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Our first stretch goal. When we hit this, we will release our first Patreon exclusive mini-series, I WAS THERE, where WrestleMedia hosts talk their live experiences at wrestling events, plus our founder Adam will host a Patreon exclusive Q&A
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