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About Writing Corner

 Hey there! If you stumbled across this Patreon page, then let me welcome you to the unofficial launch of the Patreon. There are people who might be interested in pledging just to help the channel grow for now, so for those people this is here to essentially leave a tip for the content.
When the Patreon page officially launches there will be actual reward tiers and more detailed goals laid out. Until then enjoy the content!

 My goal is and has always been to create work to entertain and enlighten. That will not change; I will continuously try to create incredible work until my death bed. However, I do have a desire to make sure that death bed is far off and that my work can reach a wide audience.
So if at all possible I would appreciate the Patronage in order to be able to deliver my work out to the world with no fear of starvation or lack of resources to deliver.

 Why give your hard earned money to me, rather than another channel?
Well simply put, foremost I am a writer. I do not analyze these mediums because I enjoy them, but rather because I create them myself. I have created short films, books, light novels, animations, and have spent over fifteen years writing. I am approaching my analysis not as a fan, but as a creator with an inside appreciation.
 Beyond that I have spent countless nights studying and being taught hard lessons about the production of art. I feel my greater knowledge of production and economics in regard to how manga and anime are made puts me in a unique position to truly understand the circumstances of there creation.

 In the end I hope my videos can provide you with something special. If that is the case, I would appreciate compensation… Or you know just go into the comments and tell me how awesome I am…That works too…

Write stronger today, have a brighter tomorrow.
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WOW, What great morale support!
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