Writing Excuses is creating a podcast about the art & business of writing

$1 /mo
Thank you! Yay! You will have early access to all of the bonus episodes once we reach that funding goal, which is kind of a bigger deal.

$5 /mo
Hear it When Howard Does! When Howard uploads the new episode to the server so he can write the liner notes, you'll get to listen to it, too. This means that you'll occasionally ge...

$10 /mo
The Random Hat!  A couple of times a month, the podcasters will post a random bonus. We might do a call to put questions in the hat. Or we'll pull something cool from our stash lik...

$20 /mo
Writing Excuses is all about giving back to the writing community, and this pledge level is your chance to pay it forward by contributing to the Writing Excuses Retreat Scholarships.

$50 /mo
Join our Sponsor page! We will be adding a sponsor page to our website, just like in a program for a convention or theater production. You will be able to submit 150 words, a link,...