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Retrospectives, Games Podcast, Games Preview Videos
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Gaming Videos by Your Request ( Retrospectives, Games Podcast, Games Preview Videos  etc.) as a backer i cover whatever you request old or new. (Console games Mostly) videos can be as long 2hrs. max.

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About Hikashido A. V. Otakemaru

i started doing this in 1997, i recorded the videos to vhs and sold and gave the walkthrough to people who shopped at the game store i worked at the time. I started uploading the videos in 2006 to divx stage 6 they went offline 2009. i already had a youtube account when they launched and moved over to this site.
the first video i made was when i was 12 i recorded some Double Dragon 2 gameplay.
this is my games site http://www.wyverngamingflash.com
whatever Retrospectives, Games Podcast, Games Preview Videos, etc. you want to see; just send me a message here or on twitter or youtube; also to be clear all the content we do Were doing for the gamers, so stay tuned.
I hope these videos can bring  joy to the heart of others, & if i can do that it warms me heart and soul :) thank you for your support.
$0 of $1,000 per month
Here's  my website http://www.wyverngamingflash.com
all funding will go to making The best video content possible showing the games you'd like to know more about.  The Niche' Title that know one talks about. Retrospectives, Games Podcast, Games Preview Videos. This is my career and i hope you enjoy my content :)
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