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By becoming a supporter you receive instant access to a cheat menu version of the game, as well as polls, works in progress, and  an invite to the Discord server! Welcome aboard!

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It's late and quiet. I'm tired and staring at the screen. That extra magical cup of coffee will be the best thing to help me finish this chapter on time. 

Every month I will select one person at random from this tier and consult with them on something that will be added to the next patch.

You also receive all the benefits of a Lurker + a special role on Discord.

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Agent of Terror
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Work with me to enhance the game! You get to design a custom scene or a variation of an existing scene, AND have it illustrated by the official artist for the game! We will discuss to make it fit with the existing lore tone of the story =)

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Hello and welcome to my page! 

About me: My name is Vincent Valensky. I'm a writer and project designer. XFiction is a collaborative project I'm working on with the goal to bring great stories, games and experiences to everyone, for free. 

Why I need your support: Stories are better with art! Every bit of support I can get goes directly to art commissions to enhance the stories and games with compelling visuals. It also helps cover the costs of hosting a website.

What you get: By supporting XFiction you directly help the project grow and receive:

  • Early Access - You will get early access to the next version.
  • Influence - you will participate in the decision making process and have a say in the allocation of resources, like voting what art to get with the Patreon funds.
  • Join the community - you get instant access to my Discord server, where you can discuss the game, post suggestions and talk to me about Twine =)
  • Special bonus - you will gain access to a Patreon exclusive version of the game, which has a cheat menu allowing you to more easily explore all the content.*

    *Please note that this does not include more content, just cheats for quicker navigation. I am strongly committed to making the entire game free, for everyone. 

    Note about Early Access  - in dev versions will be posted on the official Discord. The Patreon posts here will include only the final version of a patch + the exclusive Patreon cheat menu to play with. This helps keep things tidy and you only get e-mails for important updates.

! If you are someone who is checking this Patreon regarding Transylvania and can't support right now, I want you to know that that's OK and you will always have access to all the content via the free public version.

  • Better Stories - by funding the art for the stories, you help create richer content for yourself and for everyone.
  • More Stories - your support is more than just money! By showing your love you help the community grow and guarantee more frequent content updates.
  • Steer the wheel - by being a patreon you can participate in polls that decide which will be the next story to receive an art update, and what that update will be (which character, scene, etc)
  • Join the community - you get instant access to my Discord server, where you can discuss current and future stories with me or other members.
  • Early work and sneak peeks - you will gain access to works in progress, including live google docs.

To those of you who can't afford to chip in right now - I appreciate you stopped by! I hope that you will continue to enjoy the content. You can always support me by sharing XFiction with your friends and leaving comments about what you liked and what you'd love to see in the future.
$381.67 of $700 per month
Full Art! If we reach this goal, I will be able to upgrade the scope of the game and make sure that every character and location has their own art!
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