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is creating a better world by helping donate XRP to various Charities
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About The XRP Tap

The XRP Tap is a twitter account helping raise funds for numerous charities within the XRP community. Since 2018 the steady trickle of donations are helping change lives all over our beautiful planet. 

38,000+ tips have already been sent from the XRP Tap to people all across the globe! And as the XRP Ledger is public all transactions are available to see here:

The XRP Tap sends donations via the XRP Tip Bot, a twitter application developed by community legend @WietseWind. XRP is currently sent to the following amazing charities through @GoodXRP:

  • @StJude
  • @Cote_UK
  • @WanderingWare
  • @Cranders71
  • @BigBuckor
  • @OneMoreHome

If you would like to help support the XRP Tap and help with the water bill then please consider joining my patron. I have some exciting ideas in line for when the Tap reaches a patron count of more than 10 such as monthly hardware wallet giveaways, daily XRP giveaways and much more!

Donations will be used to help open up the Tap and make it rain! As more supporters of the XRP Tap join, tips will be increased for charity and patron giveaways will become bigger and more frequent.

The XRP Tap is appreciative for all the support from the XRP Community and how you are helping change the lives of so many people, much love

XRP Tap xo 
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When I reach 10 patrons I will increase the tip amount sent from The XRP Tap by 400%. I will also raffle a ledger to a random patron on the first of every single month
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