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Hey y'all!  My name is Mark(Xander Crews) and the other half of this two headed monster is Cody(Cody D).  We(especially Cody D) have been working ridiculously hard on these new songs.  My partner Cody and I started this Patreon page to hopefully earn some cash for putting ourselves out there and taking countless hours on each new track to record, mix, and edit all of this new material.  Cody has been recording all of the beats while I've been writing and recording all of the lyrics.  Again, we're hoping we can earn some extra ching for all of our hard work.  And yes we absolutely love writing and recording music but it is still a ton of work and dedication.  It is our dream to one day make a living(not a luxurious one) from doing what we love.  So if our music has entertained you whatsoever, please pledge a dollar amount that you see fit for the quality of entertainment posted.  Thanks everybody and WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!  (we'll love you even more if you donate:-))
$9 of $350 per song uploaded
Hey guys.  We're trying to earn $350 to buy a new microphone.(the sure SM7B)  This will make my sexy voice even sexier and hopefully with your help we can make it happen!!!
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