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About XephiZ

You can view early release chapters for PBS here:

Peerless Battle Spirit is no longer being financially supported by Gravity Tales! Patreon is the only income for this project.
 Regular chapters will still be hosted on Gravity Tales until further notice.

Greetings everyone, I'm XephiZ!

I've been reading Chinese web novels since a young age and absolutely love them! I've only started becoming a translator after joining Gravity Tales in August 2017. Since then, I've developed a passion for translating web novels in order to share the great pieces of work being offered at the moment with English readers too!

I'm currently translating Peerless Battle Spirit on Gravity Tales. Peerless Battle Spirit is a web novel written by 极品妖孽 (Supreme Villain) and published by iReader. As a token of appreciation to the original author, 10-30% of the earnings will go to him depending on the total pledged amount.

Our current goals:
  • Tier 1 ($500): 1 additional chapter every week (Active)
  • Tier 2 ($1000): 2 additional chapters every week
  • Tier 3 ($1500): 3additional chapters every week
  • Tier 4 ($2000): 6 additional chapters every week
  • Tier 5 ($3000): 9 additional chapters every week
We're currently at 7 chapters per week!
We're currently at 8 chapters per week (1 extra chapter on the weekends) !

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a site that lets users make a monthly subscription to a specific product. In our case, it would be privileged rights to early releases of the chapters, exclusive content for Patrons, and other rewards like creating your own ability, character, etc within the story.

Do I need to pledge to read Peerless Battle Spirit?
No. It is completely optional, and only meant as a way to show your support to us and the story. The chapters of Peerless Battle Spirit will always be free and open for all to read. The pledges are just a way to offer continued support if you are able to do so.

Can I change my pledge amount?
Yes, you can. Just go to the top right of the page and once you hover near your profile picture, you will see a list of options. Just click on “Your Pledges” and you should be able to see all your active pledges and make changes/edits to it.

How does Patron charge me?
Patreon accepts two forms of payment: PayPal and credit card. You can add your paypal account to Patreon, or if you don’t have one, then simply add your credit card. Please make sure that your given payment account has the funds, not expired, etc, otherwise the pledge will be automatically declined by Patreon.

$577.01 of $1,000 per month
2 additional chapters every week when this goal is reached!
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