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The Tiniest Whale
per month
A small donation doesn't make you less cool!  You'll still get  

- 'Become a Subscriber' links auto-hidden on the website.

- Upload up to 3 preview images per mod.

- Access to the Subscribers only Discord Channel

- Added to the 'Tiny Whales' role in discord with a fun colorful name.

Includes Discord rewards
Archive Subscriber
per month

Everything from the previous tier, and Grants Subscriber status on which lets you:

- Directly upload your mod files to the archive (Up to 1 File/50 MB Each)

- Directly upload albums of images for your mods (Up to 5 Images)

- Ability to post Private & Unlisted mods.

- Get better tracking and popularity metrics for your mods. 

Includes Discord rewards
A Moderately Sized Whale
per month
All of the previous things, plus:

- Larger file sizes for mod files (50mb -> 100mb)
- More files allowed per mod (1->3)

- More images allowed per mod (5->10)

Includes Discord rewards



About Sel

The Archive is a custom home-brewed website dedicated to helping Final Fantasy XIV mod authors and mod users.  The site provides a suite of useful tools and automated systems to make creating, publishing, downloading, and using mods as fun and as painless as possible.

This Patreon currently provides a few tiers of benefits, with the primary one being the $3 tier.  This provides multiple benefits for mod creators, and eventually, will provide benefits to mod users as well. 

I also create mods myself, and help maintain Liinko's TexTools application in my spare time.  There are no benefits here related to those two endeavors, but you're welcome to donate if you want to support those causes as well.

All that said, if you want to donate more, please feel free, and thank you for anything you choose to provide.

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