is creating NSFW 3D animations
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About Xordel

Hi everyone!
Im a Venezuelan designer. Initially I made 3D animation, 3d Models and architectural rendering, but lately I making animations 3D with adult content 🍑

I decided to open a patreon account because a friend recommended it to me, I found it important to me because as everyone know, Venezuela is going through a brutal economic-social-humanitarian crisis and for me every cent that I can get from my work is a valuable help, I hope to make a good material for everyone who wants to see more of my work.

Edit: Now Im living in Chile thanks to everyone who has supported my work ❤, Now Im have a new challenge, send money to my family in Venezuela periodically and earn sufficient money to survive paying bills, rentals, food, services, etc on my new living site... 😆

Q - What you get for supporting me?

A - Well, to begin I want create content for everyone! but if you can support me, not only you will help me a lot! you will can vote in polls to decide which will be the next animation and some of exclusive material from my scenes like screenshots and renders.

This have some of other social media links:

Animation Galery:

NOTE: The renders and animations are made by me but the mostly of the models that I use, are from ellowas, mets, archoangel, and some of other amazing artists.

$512 of $1,000 per month
- If I reach this Goal, I will dedicate my complete work time to create content more often and with the best quality possible with renders in 4K.
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