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Turn on that AdBlock and watch to your hearts content! $2 is equivalent to about 2000 views worth of YouTube ad revenue. You could literally watch all of my videos with ads on and still generate less revenue than this $2 donation would give me.
This is truly where “power in numbers” comes in, as many people contributing this small amount can make a huge difference!  


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  •  Gain access to my save games (Factorio and otherwise).  
  •  Get your name in my monthly update/thank you video, if you want.  
  • Special role in Discord.
  • Access to private Discord chat room where I'm most active.
  • All previous rewards.

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  •  Early access to Friday Facts Discussion videos before the public sees them.
  • Access to weekly vlogs I will post here on Patreon.
  • Vote for games for my "other game day" streams. Top ones will be added to a master list.
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About Xterminator

Who is Xterminator & what is he about?

Hey guys! 
I'm Xterminator and I've been creating gaming videos (primarily Factorio) for nearly 4 years now. My first series that took off was The Hydra Dilemma which was a multiplayer style play through before multiplayer was even a thing in Factorio. After that, I knew I wanted to keep doing this and hopefully make it a full time job.
Thanks to the extreme generosity from the community here on Patreon, and on my Twitch, I have been doing this full time for slightly over a year. It has been amazing and a wild ride, and I hope to continue it! 


Your generous support goes 100% towards my living expenses and improving the quality of my video and stream content. Being able to have a fairly solid and fixed amount of income from Patreon each month allows me to keep doing this full time and live one of my dreams. 

The normal ad style support method (like YouTube) are great, but they are very inconsistent and quite honestly, a pretty low amount of money unless you are pulling in millions of views each month. Plus there is a pretty big detachment between me (the creator) and you (the viewer) by just watching intrusive ads to support me with. Patreon and similar platforms allow a more direct connection between us, where you can directly see what your support is doing and allows me to show my appreciation to you more directly.

What This Means To Me

Your support means so much to me, more than I can even express sometimes. I'm constantly blown away and stunned by the amount of support you all give that allows me to pursue this dream I've had for so many years! 
Unfortunately though, I have bills just like everyone else in the world. I have rent, food (which if you know me is a big one, haha), internet, utilities and more. Your help is so important and makes the world of difference in helping me pay the bills each month without dipping into savings or having debt. 

Thank You

Truly, I can't express my thanks enough for any support you guys provide. This amazing community is the reason I can even have the possibility of purseuing this dream.
You all have made this last year one of the best in my life. I hope to have many more!

$361.92 of $500 per month
I will have a fancy dedicated website made for the channel! It will contain all things related to the channel/content and more. 
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