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About You Don't Make Friends With Giant Squids

Who are we and what brought us to Patreon?

Welcome to the You Don’t Make Friends With Giant Squids Podcast Patreon page! (Or YDMFWGS for short!) We are so glad you could make it! ... or find us... or are even interested in what we have to say! If you have heard the show, then you know that we are just two schwanky ass hoes with a lot of opinions, alcohol, and weed. We talk about everything from current events to pop culture, to film and television. Basically everything that WE find interesting. I know… Too bad. All joking aside, I swear, we are pretty awesome to listen to if we do say so ourselves. Take a listen for yourself and find out!

This podcast started as a way to grow Squid’s online presence for her art (please visit to see her stuff), but the show took on a life of its own and expanded beyond what we could have hoped! We have fun discussing ideas and stories with an ironic comedic twist. Please become a part of this experience with us and support two struggling artists trying to make sense of things with only our own skewed views and mind altering substances to protect us.

We cover what is currently buzzing in the news in our Current Events segment. We re-discover the important (to Jaxxon) and also the most random historical events that happened in This Month in History. Our Did You Know segment is particularly popular, where Squid inundates the listeners with crazy facts that, you guessed it, you didn’t know! It’s even equipped with its own signature jingle performed by YDMFWGS’ very own co host Jaxxon. We have also done shows that were mainly movie reviews. We've covered 50 Shades Darker, Dracula Untold, He’s Just Not That Into You and IT. We plan to do many, many more as both the hosts are avid movie and television fans who soak up content like proverbial sponges. We then close out every show with our signature Me Likey/You Likey segment, where Jaxxon and Squid plug anything from books, to other movies to music and clothing; anything that they have a high opinion of and would like to share with the listeners.

We are hoping that through Patreon we will be able to connect more with our fan base and reward them for their participation. We don’t want to do a show in a vacuum, we want your help to make the show better, more diverse and exciting. We invite you to take a look around and see if becoming a “Squid” seems like something for you. I bet it is!

By becoming a Squid, you will have access to and help Squid create more art and content for this podcast and Jaxxon would be able to focus more on her writing, of which you would have exclusive access to here.
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