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About You Meet In a Tavern

Hello and welcome to You Meet In a Tavern's Patreon! We are a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Actual-Play Comedy Podcast now playing Pokemon 5e in season two!

Running a podcast is tough work, and as four dudes who don't do this full-time, we could definitely use some help covering some of the costs. We would love your support if you are a fan of the show!

Your pledge will go to making sure we bring you the best quality show we can offer. Our needs are top-notch recording and editing equipment and software. If we hit our goals, we will also be able to reach out to working artists to bring you quality maps/music/art for our show, to give you an even better experience as you listen!

Thank you for visiting this page and considering a donation! We hope that our show brings you laughter, joy, and a little bit of that D&D magic into your life.

If you haven't checked us out yet, please do and consider donating!
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