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  I am Yadolin, from Taiwan, if is sounds weird to you, you can just call me Sharon :D
  My goal is to use my original novel series "Constellation Era", the stories of Pangaea to collect SmallBeans and evolve them into BigFans.
  It is difficult to answer whether I am writer or painter, If you watched my novel and fell into, congratulations, you are being a member of SmallBeans, I wish you always surviving dry season and become a BigFans early; If you like to watch my drawings or need commissions, then I should The painter.
  But so far, there is no English version of the novel, so there are only drawings for the time being, I will try to translate a small part , and then hire a professional.

  Since 2013, I have been creating the original series of "Constellation Era", describing all the stories that have happened in the Pangaea world. (Unfortunately: this story has no English version so far, but still, I have some drawings to offer you :D)
  And I also worked as a painter, drawing relevant behind-the-scenes settings, bio-encyclopedias, sudden illustrations, novel illustrations, and comics.

  Welcome to join the Pangaea world, May all stories(or drawings) stays with your spirit.


  Your support allow me have more time for creating.


  [email protected]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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