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Read my stuff. I'll post at least one pdf per month, but actually probably two or more. (I'm just hedging my bets there.) To begin with, I'll be posting my back catalog. That's the stuff in I, No Other and Mendicant City, as well as forthcoming books. Maybe some other bits 'n' pieces, we'll see. I'm not your slave, though, okay?
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You'll get the pdfs, and you'll also get signed copies of all my books: those already published, and those yet to come. 
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You'll get the pdfs, of course. And signed copies of all physical books (present and future). And my gratitude for your going above and beyond. You didn't have to do it. But you went ahead and did it.
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First and foremost, I’m a fucking writer. ‘Nuff said there. You want proof of that? You can always visit my website. Or, here's an article from a while back. Or go ahead and Google me . . . uncommon name, comes up on top.

I have two books out, with another one or two on the way, all collections. The major one is called I, No Other, published by Whiskey Tit. There’s also a chapbook called Mendicant City from Snuggly Books. Soon, there will in all likelihood be a second chapbook called Furious in the Expanse, put out by Eibonvale Press (virus-related delays). And fingers crossed for a final full length collection next year maybe, Divine In Essence. . . . I’ll keep you posted.

What do I create? Transgressive, oneiric literature. If you're trigger-happy, please flee. It's okay! My writing is not for you! (You can test yourself: read "Your Mother Loves You," which I have pinned to the top as a public post.)

I want to post all my pieces here, over time. The plan is for this site to become an authoritative repository of my work. If you buy in, you get to read my stuff. I’ll make cute little pdfs for each piece. My back catalog, don'tcha know! Most of it previously scattered across a spectrum of mags, journals, anthologies, and websites. . . . Time to gather it all in.

Not all at once, of course . . . give this thing some time to grow. If I attract enough financing, of course, I'll be able to devote more of my limited consciousness toward writing, in which case new work may emerge for me to share with my generous patrons!

I do have novels in mind, I should say. I'd love to churn those into Being at some point! Not right away. I'm talking years out, probably. But I daresay a successful Patreon page would establish conditions favorable to gestation and birth of novel-length projects.

Might add audio performances at some point, although I haven’t convinced myself yet . . . still working that out psychologically . . . people asking for it would probably motivate me. It seems like a fun idea, but a lot of work, not to mention, let’s face it, kinda narcissistic in the absence of demand. (On the other hand, it might be a means to manufacture demand for the writing, hmm . . . a podcast maybe? To lure in potential readers? Always wondered how to locate those rare, mythical creatures: readers. I picture them grazing placidly in verdured fields hidden in mists beyond Time, eternally frighted off by my clumsy stumblings into the fringe lands of their territories.)

If you subscribe at the second tier or higher, I’ll send you signed copies of the physical books (including all future releases).

Aside from all that, there won't be much in the way of "rewards," other than the gratification of supporting work you admire. You like what I'm doing? You think my kind of writing is, shall we politely say, underrepresented in the marketplace? Here's your chance to represent! You are the marketplace!

Alright, sob story now: In my Day Job, I'm a mailman. I work 6 days a week to scrape together a living, pay off my debts, and raise my son. Not much energy left for writing after all that! Suffice it to say, I don’t do much of it these days. But what if I could “justify” my writing with “income”? Then I’d HAVE to fucking do it!

The idea being, if writing hauled in enough $$$ to substitute for that 6th day of work, I could revert to a 5-day schedule and maybe use that extra day forging dem Words in the Smithy of Literatoooor. . . .

Bottom line: I need to bring in, say, $1,200 a month before I’ll be able to ditch that day. And realistically, I won’t actually ditch the day until my debts are fucking paid. Although, with this new Postmaster General, maybe I’ll lose the damn day anyway . . . in which case, holy shit, I’ll totally be needing another source of funds! Please let this be it!

Just a li’l daydream o’ mine. I listen to podcasts on this platform, and they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves, so why the fuck not me?

Ideally, after all, every fuckup who fashions him or herself a Writer, an Artist, a Beat, an Astral Astronaut in N-Dimensional Space, every single one of these Schlemiels in Beauty should receive a stipend to survive this purgatory called America, enabling them to make some beautiful fucking things. That’s what I’m looking to establish for myself. UFI: Universal Fuckup Income.

I don't have social media accounts. Quit Facebook years ago, couldn't take it. Never did Twitter. I do still have a Linked-In page. Every now and then I get an email from them telling me I should link up with a woman I dated over a decade ago (for about a month), and I get to look at her picture and feel like an asshole all over again. I don't know how they manage to know these things about me, but it certainly doesn't inspire me to hop on over to their site. Sometimes random self-promoters friend me, and I oblige them by friending back, but that's about the extent of my activity. I guess I'll post something over there about all this. And on my own site, of course. Those places aside, no one's going to promote this Patreon page other than you, my 'umble Patrons. So do let your "friends" know about it if that's your thing. If not, I don't care. I'm happy to have you with or without your Web 2.0 peeps.

  • First and foremost: Support me if you love my writing! Or you love me! Or both!
  • If you also need a moral rationale: Support me if you support working class artists.
  • For those susceptible to social pressure: Get in on the ground floor! This thing's just getting started!
  • Even choosing the cheapest tier, you'll get to read ALL of my writing in attractive PDFs.
  • Step up to the 2nd tier to nab signed copies of all my published books, past and future. A lifetime subscription to my books! (As long as you remain a Patron, natch.)
  • Enter the higher atmosphere of tiers to be super generous to a struggling artist and accelerate his progress toward financial independence and unimpeachable artistic integrity.
  • If you don't have the dough, don't sweat it. This is just a thing I'm doing! Wish me luck!
(That image fragment up top, by the way, is from the cover art for I, No Other, my collection from Whiskey Tit. The brilliant artist who created it is Jeremy Hawkins.)
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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