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Welcome to my Patreon!! 

Hey my name is Chris, 
I am a freelance animator from germany. I've been recently starting out and already contributed to a few shows such as OnePunchMan Season 2 #8,#11,#12, Bongu no Stray Dogs & more which is still NDA.  
If you like my content and enjoy the animations that I do, I'd very much appreciate the support. 

Why did I consider to use Patreon?
Animation itself takes a lot of time, research and hard work. I've been learning animation all by myself via online communitys and social media platforms.
I've always enjoyed teaching other people to hone their craft & creating my own original work . Unfortunetely I need to take quite a lot of job offers to survive the months and i am not able to create as much content as I'd like to for yours and my personal entertainment. 

So if you'd be willing to support me, I'd be able to offer:
  1. -more original content 
  2. -animationfiles 
  3. -streams 
  4. -tutorials
  5. -overall more insights into my work. 

I'll create an extra discord server for all the people who are interessted in learning about art/animation and communicating with me.
If I reach a certain goal in terms of money, I might be able to do monthly requests!
The requests I'll do will be decided through voting on the Discord server.

The animations you see in my reel are my mostly just my personal projects and experiments.

Select a membership level
per month

thanks for your support, sir!
by paying 1 $ you already support me quite a bit, so i'll give you the standard access to discord.

Includes Discord rewards
per month

welcome to the advanced section!
By supporting me with 5$ a month, you'll get special access to a deeper section into my discord server.
On that one i'll give advice/cnc to your work !

+ animationkit: it contains some of my animation files. .Clip and .fla  datas.

Includes Discord rewards
Grand Master
per month

as Grand Master, you'll get special treatment and the files for some of my better animations.
you'll have access to the Hall of masters, that way you'll be able to see my personal livestreams.
I'll do my best to provide a good service to you.

Includes Discord rewards
per month

i have no clue how am i supposed to thank you for this amount of support, but i'll definetely would thank you deeply for this.

Includes Discord rewards
13% complete
Reaching this goal allows me cover my fees and insurance. It would be a big help and step forward to be an independent animator.
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