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Hello, we are White Guardian Studios, which consists of 2 people, Whitney(Yin/Yinyamina) and Tyrell White(Trexrell44/Rell). We are married with 6 children. We are game developers, designers, writers, and artists! Whitney does the coding, writing, designing, and overall quality control, while Tyrell does some writing, concepts, pixel art, and crazy ideas.

We create video games, pixel art, webcomics and more! These things mostly revolve around our fictional universe called the Celestial Tear. We love comics and video games especially the creative and innovative independent market. We plan to marry the two through our games, comics, and more!

Although this is a labor of love we are coming to Patreon to provide us more resources to create and collaborate with the amazing comic creators, artists, and musicians to make more and higher quality work. Help us make the Celestial Tear and become apart of our ever growing universe.

Demon’s Revenge was the first game that we launched back in 2015 and we have been working to improve it ever since. Working on Demon’s Revenge helped to acquire our experience in the gaming industry as well as meet some cool developers and fans along the way. Demon’s Revenge has been the flagship of the Celestial Tear and everything is being written around that title to come up with a history of events, stories, and characters that make up our ever-evolving continuum. 

With your help, we are looking to use Patreon not only to support the Celestial Tear, but to also build a platform to allow independent comic book creators to participate in a project that involves their characters and worlds in Erupt. Erupt is a 3D arena combat game in which heroes and villains from all over the multiverse compete in a tournament of power and might to decide the fate of their universe. Using mechanics similar to X-Men Legends/Ultimate Alliance series we want to incorporate RPG elements to really showcase how these characters would use their unique abilities in combat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your support!
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Once we reach this goal we will talk about another indie comics game that we have working in the background that anyone can become a part of.
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