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Your contribution will help us prove to India and rest of the world that an original social network that is not a rip off of an app from America or China is possible.

If you saw our website fully, and tech works mentioned there, you know the result of the money I will receive through you won’t only be - people spoken to through my content and millions of users through my products, but would also be 10s of new startups built, to in turn, further inspire India to build products that have genuine merit. Our effort is not merely about political preaching but of entrepreneurship of meaning.

BTW, I said this product we are building for potential entrepreneurs called Chattodo is not just about codes. It is about far deeper roots then mere codes written upon an opportunity sighted. One such root may be reflected upon a community, we have built from scratch to some small meaning, where we live the values of Chattodo every day, and night. That community is called
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About Nishchal Kesarwani

Of course, some money will significantly empower me further. 

A non-profit, to be initiated in India, out of my own income from Patreon represents me well, if you go into its depths -
While you are at it, support me here. 100% of this money will go to support my old parents, first and then if anything is left, it will come to me for my personal bread, butter, and bills. A few years ago my parents had lost everything they had earned due to my father's business loss. My parents desire that I fix their lives financially because they think I am capable. Regardless, I want to fulfill this desire of theirs for it is my desire too. But, while serving society, without having to chase money, as I continue to do the job that pays me nothing in terms of money, till society, that is, YOU, acknowledge that what I do takes 15 hours a day and often doesn't pay bills. 
This situation is the fundamental truth for any ambitious Indian boy from a middle-class family. Some do it through investments of angel investors, and some like me may do it through YOU. 

I am an activist that wants to talk, record, and write lesser and build more - technology for education, freedom, equality, and justice. I am building an app for that reason.

I don't expect to make any money for myself for many more years for my work is such. 
Also, it seems to many that I am purposely offending people with the truth on Preseed Essays that they don't want to hear or know about. I am unable to stop myself from doing so 16 hours a day with my work and words. It takes all my time, leaving hardly any, to chase money. In a profoundly sick society, revealing the truth may offend people indeed. 
I want to reach out to :
  1.  millions of people through my tech product, Chattodo by next year if I survive.
    Through my entrepreneurial tech quest, I have built a product for citizens of the world for Rs 10 per day per citizen. It will ensure that they are begining to me more productive and more aware about state and God through bots of knowledge and design of new age chat - For the age of fake news and fake propoganda. For those who can afford this expense they will enable 9 havenots more to use its power. Basically just 10% of the world is enough to make it affordable by the whole world.
  2. hold those among my followers with greater personal attention at my future space, Preseed Ecell, who really have a sincere will to do something out of the ordinary. (Read on side note below).

Sponsor me as if you are giving me a tuition fee. Proceed to visit the tiers. 

Why is sponsorship of at least $1 per day from you important? I am putting in the effort worth that much money per day per person, at least. You will know that what I am attempting is worth atleast a value of one full meal of yours per day, if you value knowledge and altruism.

To understand my Intro video, you must watch the following:

India was not a land of religion. It was a land of seekers:

A message for, Hindu andh-bhakts. (I have no message for radical Islamists however, for, 1. I have not followed their rituals as I have followed rituals practiced at my own home. 2. The whole world is already sending content to teach them lessons about human brotherhood while they are still chasing Muslim brotherhood).

I have been saying for many years, that the current narratives of religion will end and must end.

I also have a message for some of my senior relatives - please don't promote religion and idol worship culture among children, over and above the culture of silence of the mind. Don't make their efforts to become one with God, as lazy as yours. I am saying this to you in spite of the fact that the near-silent/tech-oriented fights I am fighting against the establishment can't be fought without your contributions to The foundation represented is getting established to help me get my bread, butter, and shelter which I won't have after Jan 30th. I am absolutely broke, but still not wavered. My Foundation will be a NGO that will scale up my act of producing content and a modern ashram for people of the world. Until, the NGO starts, Patreon will look after me and my work. 

I pledge to speak the truth in all conditions. It puts me in temporary trouble for my truth is lofty, but extremely objective. 

I have always and will always speak the truth, however lofty it may seem to you. But first listen to Mr. Jay Lakhani, a gem -

What am I after?
I want to make India a culture of evidence-based thinking. Even in its blind religious rituals which cause pollution and 'god' statues thrown as garbage for months after Diwali under beautiful trees like peepal and bargad (Banyan). How does one get the evidence of god? In Samadhi. There is no other way. 

Swami Vivekananda: "To believe blindly is to degenerate the human soul. Be an atheist if you want, but do not believe in anything unquestioningly".

I say, "and if you questioned, tell me the answer and your question, both". 

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