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I use my Instagram to raise your awareness. Everything there is authetic content made of my videos, and words. I am keeping it real. I don't use Instagram for cosmetic posts of self gratification.
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I want to give an unbiased perspective on matters that concern you and hence, India whether you know about them or not, whether they come from the right or the left, man or a woman, whether they offend some or appease others. My intention is neither to offend nor to appease. My intention is to propound the truth. My intention is to create an India that focuses on evidence before believing. Andh-bhakti cannot be the norm anymore. Is Covid in 2021 not enough of a sign of the rigidity and irrational believes that are driving the mind of this country? Let us talk about the collective mind that is India. What should that be like? Should it be a rational mind or an irrational mind’s arrogance justified as bhakti, dharma, or mazhab, and at times of no arrogance, “apni apni shraddha hai”, what a tool for mental lethargy religion is becoming. I can speak about the relevance of bhakti yoga and idol worship, and how they relate to the nirakar god, if one chooses that as their path. And one day they have to reach the nirakar. The temple was then to be tIt is not that there is a problem in religion. The difference in mugging and understanding. That is the problem here.
In one of my publications, I am attempting to reveal a strange truth about justice to you which goes far beyond the title of the publication, False Rape Case Culture (FRCC), and, my video lectures around that publication. Be patient with it before jumping to any conclusions. It reveals to you some aspects of the kind of society we are becoming.

I assure you that my Medium publications Preseed Essays (PE) and FRCC will expand your mind if you are patient with them, and if you give them the kind of time I may have given to conduct that inquiry. <Chapters from the publication Preseed Essays start with a suffix ‘PE’ like ‘PE Chapter (Chapter no. _)>.
I have given many years of my life to that knowledge an iota of which my written or spoken words represent. Another iota is covered by the attachments I have placed in the flow of my writings or posts.
I have selflessly given those many years for two reasons -:
  1. I am curious about the truth, for the sake of my own soul’s ease in life. A life of truth is a life spent in soul’s ease. And truth, is the hardest to find.
  2. I want to give you content, the complete narrative of which compels you to recognize how complexed past narratives have become that it is worth understanding life and religion in a contemporary sense without dwelling too much in the past. The conclusion you will get is, compassion and love are paramount. And for that, patience is a prerequisite. DON’T REACT prematurely. Never forget that we are now living in the age of Fake News.
My words on the internet collectively, I feel may work as a great insight to my mind and may reflect well upon the kind of action I will take in favor of India if I ever have that level of clout, power and technology.

Also, it seems to many that I am purposely offending people with the truth on my Youtube videos, that they don't want to hear or know about. I am unable to stop myself from doing so 16 hours a day with my words.

In a profoundly sick society, revealing the truth may offend people indeed.

Sponsor me as if you are giving me a tuition fee if you think you are learning from me, something. Something unique.

Why is sponsorship of at least $1 per day from you important? I am putting in the effort worth that much money per day per person, at least. You will know that what I am attempting is worth atleast a value of one full meal of yours per day, if you value knowledge and altruism.
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I have 3 Facebook pages apart from my personal profile on FB.

All these 4 Fb sites are different because they all serve to cover different topics. But all 4 towards imparting more knowledge.

If you subscribe to them, you will get more all-rounded knowledge from me across topics as wide as science, entrepreneurship, philosophy, religion, spirituality and politics. I often post on them to collect my own personal thoughts.

I post plenty of political matters as well, yet I say my political views are moderate because I am merely a learner. Till I have learned I am not in a position to say whether I belong to the left or the right. It is for you to decipher through my words. Tell me if you figure it out.
  1. Personal Fb — Expect a man in a fluid state of mind, for real, to live it all, in totality. For that reason, one doesn’t hold a wave. The real fluid state is a state of being seated in nothing. The waves then go by. One is not the wave.  On my personal Facebook, I express things that are meant for my FB friends and family.
  2. Preseed Fb — On my FB page called Preseed, I post content that you can expect to resonate perfectly with the culture of my company called Preseed. Even this is a list of words or links that we would like future commentary on.
  3. Government/political/religious criticism on FB — On my FB page called Preseedify Justice and Politics in India, I post content that resonates with my impromptu political vibe and jibe. I however mostly try to express views I have against the party in power. I will retain that aspect of my page.
  4. Startup Posts - On my fb page called, Startup Posts, I post about startups. 

    The pages need your support. 
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About Nishchal Kesarwani

The below mentioned Youtube playlist of about 100 plus videos by me contains existential, spiritual and political words I have for my family and friends in the times of Covid. You may or may not choose to open it. However if you do open it, you will reach a world of profound knowledge. 

On my videos, among expressions of my own altruistic tech prototypes, I am looking to tackle problems of isms like:
1. fascism like divisive nationalism,
2. patriarchy and the radical side of feminism*, the divisive feminism, which is often also called feminazism,
3. divisive communalism/groupisms,
4. illogical communism,
5. and other isms like mindless consumerism that have the potential to divide the world further".
6. Demonstrations of my own tech products.
7. Our work in Mathematics. 

Everything I am saying is the universal unabashed bare truth. However, If I had to pinpoint my mind to some dialect and culture, I chose my own. A culture of an Indian middle class that became an Indian lower middle class due to the limitations of its own mind. Nothing unusual. The lower middle class of India, its majority, is the way it is, due to reasons, potentially all in its own control. Its mind. For it to change its fate, it has to stop making excuses.

I don't expect to make any money for myself for many more years for my work is such. Not until you acknowledge my work enough to become my patron here. Of course, some money will significantly empower me further.

The below essay is for those who want to know who is the speaker in the above videos, in totality. I am starting it with an important question without beating around the bush.

What is Samadhi? Many have told you. But if you have still not understood, I am the new man you have, to understand samadhi from. I am available to give the world Samadhi as a tool — the brahmastra, in a pained world of 20(COVID).

For Samadhi is a not a tool that you can call at will, I decided to become the tool for myself and you, that you can call, at will. Use me as that machine, unlike any other you have known so far.

Over the last few years I thought I will give you 10 names of 10 great people who are institutions in themselves. Dig them deep when I give you those names.
Fundamentally, what they must have designed their life towards, after their own understanding of consciousness to a great degree of corrected-ness, is, what my life has been designed for too. What is that? To the best among you, the knowledge of the realm of God. Shunyta.
While also knowing, that in Shunyta, your material form can still be in action, including that mind. Yet you can be seated in Shunyta. It can happen only when you truly know that the waves that make you do things or feel things are outside your body they are in mind. These waves make you feel life or have concious experience, fpr. the impressions of it is felt n the underlying layer, paramatma. You are that paramatma interfacing with your body/matter.

From the land of knowledge to the land of gimmicks. That is the India of today. How did we become this?
Sleep or swim, what is more likely to get chosen?
We chose sleep even in the times we needed to learn to swim. Now, as a result, we are drowning, while we pray without really even understanding what is prayerfulness. Prayerfulness happens in stillness. Stillness happens to the purest. The substance you consume from sound.

Just know that your mind has been hijacked by vibrating matter. Freedom will be found as a result. The only way to know this is to experience the same vibrations from a distance, where you are planted in the realm of ether.

Max Planck, just like I, and many others, have found Consciousness as fundamental. The matter is derived from consciousness. Nothing new. Infact ancient, highly scientific and mentioned from 1000s of years in our Upnishads. Nevermind. Upanishads or nothing have sole rights to this knowledge. Its on the other end of time spent in total stillness of the mind, Samadhi. There is no other way. I endeavour to tell you about your destination, the moments in Samadhi.
What is consciousness? Non-matter.
What is non-matter? Emptiness.
What is emptiness? Vaccum.
What is Vaccum? God.
Are space, ether, and god the same? Yes.
So, is space conscious? Yes.
It becomes a wave at the end of the wave is matter of it, and then that matter becomes non existent. That matter is memory. We are impressions of these memories and waves that create these memories
I am announcing, without an iota of doubt, that all that is empty totally is parmatma.

8 suggestions towards location where you will find my content :
  1. Website — I write on Medium, my Instagram, my Facebook, my Linkedin, and my company website. You will get the links to all of the above from the menu bar of my company website — Read me in a sequence of order I may have attempted to lay through the above-mentioned website. Try to come back here on Preseed Essays on Medium through the flow of the website You will find the link of Preseed Essays too on the menu bar. I request you to study me deeply through my social media accounts. You will realize over time, why studying me is going to be of consequence to India. In the same way, as studying other men who nurtured their original thought and found it synchronizing with the words of the sages, naturally. Such people take you to the importance of — Believe what you experience, not what is preached. Provided, you are a curious being.
  2. Nishchal — It is right there on that menu bar that you will find the link to a page about me titled, Nishchal, read that too. Most of the above link you will find on this page. To know me, will require at the least, many hours of your time. It is more important to read what I have already written than to talk to me. I have written my first drafts. With your interventions I look to perfect them over time. It is after reading me, your talks with me will have a maximum collective impact. Wherever you read something that makes you curious, use the comment feature right there and ask your question. Please share my work and words if you think it can impact people towards reaching truth and harmony.
  3. Patreon Support — While you are exploring you will notice a mention of these two topics — education and support, at the bottom of the home page. Pay attention to them both. One takes care of my vision, towards education for a particular breed of children, children of ideas, the leader breeed, globally, and the other takes care of the mechanism with which you may support me. My work on education will be a testimony to this quote by Rabindra Nath Tagore. “I am a human first, then an Indian”. Because for my work in education I have imagined a child regardless of his nationality. My work in education through — 1) the future aspects of Chattodo and 2) the current aspects of our other company, our Math company, Preseed Ed K12 Pvt. Ltd will deliver my model of education to the whole world at once from the boundless internet before 2024 elections in India. Such is how the scalability of my model will be. I assure you. The only thing that my spirit is not in command of, is, the collective advancements in open source AI that my model will be dependent on, for accuracy. Anyway, all that AI shabang is for much later and much after the occurrence of our preliminary success.
  4. Disclaimer — All my words anywhere are a work in progress. Most of the time I write without vetting the drafts, for the goal was to just put my thoughts in words, impromptu. Hoping that some of you will come and improve upon my writings and collections by adding your contrary or harmonious views to them. Participate with me, to give me a chance to add more colors to myself as I add to yourself. Your participation will help conclude it. I love newer perspectives. Especially perspectives that oppose mine. Because in this opposition am I served the best. My soul learns through it and thrives on this opposition.
  5. Action — I write the depths of all that about life that influences the direction of a social networking app I am building for you. It is available on Android as the prototype of my product vision.
  6. My Social Media — The list of tweets I have liked or retweeted will also give you a glimpse into the kind of topics that resonate with me for further inquiry. Inquiry — In fact, I use all places where I write or express myself, as a list of thoughts that I want to make a note of, either for you or for myself, mostly for a collective exploration or to debate around those topics later in life. I am simply creating my lists on social media, as if, I am not being watched or judged prematurely. I choose to list not privately but publicly because I would like you to know those lists — so they teach you something just as they may teach me. Read more on the tier sections.
  7. Linkedin Recommendation — If you read the recommendations I have received on my Linkedin, it will be a good start for you to give attention to my words. If you will, give me an honest recommendation there. I am curious about what that recommendation wall looks like 5 years from today. It is with these recommendations from you that others will see me, at first. I hope so. It makes sense to be known by what others have to say, for it is always so. We are known outside by what others have to say about us.
  8. There is a problem in the world that I gave 10 years of my life to address with a solution, as an app. Understand my app listed on My app is the early version of my works and words described on in brief steps. The article attached below, I found on the internet, echoes the problems I saw 10 years ago to have directed my career towards. Seeing me through this point number 14 will tell you the difference between a preacher and a tech entrepreneur. 
I don't think so - Facebook is dead, the world just doesn't know it.

The 8 suggestions above, are extremely important. For, if you follow that order in your effort to understand me, you will know the context. In any scripture, without context, there is no meaning.
I have purposely not listed the links here except the Preseed Website, for :
  1. It will be a distraction for my organization to communicate with those who are not curious enough to find the links themselves.
  2. It takes an unnecessary effort to link these here while they are all linked on or its associated menu bars.
We are not to begin with a system; we’re not to begin with an idea; we’re not to begin with a revolution; we’re not to begin with a theory; we must begin with ourselves. We are responsible for ourselves. Without us there is no world and so we are the world and we are the problem. — J Krishnamurti
This that JK is saying, is also a system. Rejecting everything sold to you as mysticism or historical story or simply put — archaic narrative, is also a system.

I have always and will always speak the truth, however lofty it may seem to you. But first listen to this video titled 'Is atheism a sin' by Mr. Jay Lakhani, a gem, to understand why I would like to teach an athiest more than an andh bhakt -

A message for, Hindu andh-bhakts. I have no message for radical Islamists or Islam andh bhakts, however, for,
1. I have not followed their rituals as I have followed rituals practiced at my own home.
2. The whole world is already sending content to teach them lessons about human brotherhood while they are still chasing Muslim brotherhood.

I have been saying for many years, that the current narratives of religion will end and must end.

I also have a message for some of my senior relatives - please don't promote religion and idol worship culture among children, blindly, over and above the culture of silencing of the mind. Don't make their efforts to become one with God, as blind as yours.

I pledge to speak the truth in all conditions. It puts me in temporary trouble for my truth is lofty, but extremely objective.

What am I after?

I want to make India a culture of evidence-based thinking. Even in its blind religious rituals which cause pollution and 'god' statues thrown as garbage for months after Diwali under beautiful trees like peepal and bargad (Banyan). How does one get the evidence of god? In Samadhi. There is no other way.

Swami Vivekananda: "To believe blindly is to degenerate the human soul. Be an atheist if you want, but do not believe in anything unquestioningly".

I say, "and if you questioned, tell me the answer and your question, both".

Why do we just take up religions and narratives that the same flawed parents of ours follow, without questioning? It's baffling how deep-rooted mental lethargy is. We are not rocks, ladies and gentlemen. We are the most fluid of it all, ether. But most of us are all mostly looking outward, to earth, air, water and fire - thus becoming only that, hardly ethereal. 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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