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        About Yomi Ayeni

        My name is Yomi "Yoms" Ayeni, and I write stories that inspire the storyteller in you. I practice a dark art called 'Transmedia Storytelling", creating ongoing stories that run parallel to life. My interactive narratives are told across multiple platforms - comics, film, live events, online newspapers, role-play, and YOU, yes I involve my audience the co-creation process. I'm a visiting lecturer of Interactive Storytelling at the Royal College of Art in London, and several of my projects have won awards.

        In 2007, I created Violette's Dream, an alternate reality game to promote Violet Assassin, in which two participants won solid gold bars, my first film project was called "Breathe". It launched at Power to the Pixel / BFI International Film Festival in 2009, and tasked the public with helping to solve a murder mystery. The project started with an online radio station, and ran for 9-months. I am currently writing the second part of this trilogy.

        This Patreon is to help fund bigger and more ambitious projects. With your generous assistance I will be creating engaging and immersive comics, films, and live events through the following  active writing titles:

        Clockwork Watch: Sins of My Father
        For the past 10 years, I have written, part-funded and self published a graphic novel series called Clockwork Watch, a retro-futurist Steampunk / Victoriana story told across graphic novels, interactive theatre, online, and through role-play.

        Clockwork Watch is set in the Steampunk genre, at a time when mechanics is the most important technology in the world. The first part of the story is told through the eyes of Janav Ranbir, an 8 year old who arrives in London from Calcutta with his parents at the request Queen Victoria. 

        "When British society is promised something new, Her Majesty’s Government appoints a group of esteemed scientists to create a brighter future. They look to an Indian visionary for help. Chan Ranbir, Master Kineticist at Calcutta University – a man with dreams of a clockwork world."

        The story brings a multicultural slant to the Steampunk genre, by exploring Victoriana outside Great Britain. Sins of My Father is the final stage in the comic book story, and is the jump off point to a film about the Clockwork Watch world.

        The project has so far spawned three tangential threads, immersive live events, exhibitions at the Royal Observatory, Scottsdale Civic Library (Arizona), Latitude Festival (UK), National Maritime Museum, The Asylum in Lincoln, and a fictional online newspaper. Clockwork Watch won IndieGoGo's Best Crowdfunded Comic (2011), and picked up awards in both the UK and USA.

        Patreon Rewards
        • Access to existing work - 9 graphic novels
        • Access to penultimate script, with editors notes
        • Exclusive reports on the development of the story
        • Updates and invitations to live events
        • Exclusive sketches and concept art work
        • Newspaper reports from the fictional Clockwork Watch storyworld
        • Invitation to co-create articles for our online newspaper


        Breathe: Part 2
        In 2007, I presented "Breathe" my first film project to an audience at Power to the Pixel / BFI International Film Festival. Two years later it launched with an online radio station that broadcast for 7-months before the film experience started.

        The film, which was presented in three instalments, was one of the first interactive participatory stories to explore how an ongoing narrative offered the audience a chance to become characters in a film, and help solve a fictional murder mystery. I am currently writing the second part of this trilogy.

        Breathe: Act 2 is currently being developed, with a view to production starting in 2019.

        • Patreon Rewards Access to existing work - unreleased video content
        • Access to Breathe: Act 1 script, and interactive timeline
        • Exclusive reports on the development of the story
        • Updates and invitations to live events
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