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I'm a comic creator/Game artist hailing from Sweden. In my country, my work have been featured in some commercial magazines and anthologies and I will be having a debut album coming out later this year in Sweden!

I'm currently on the path of making a steady living off my art in the game and comic industries!

Why am I doing this? (AKA Why do I need your money??)

I'm currently creating a webcomic I'm trying to get off the ground. It's called Raedus and craves a lot of my time because of the intense painting quality it has.

You can read it here!

It is a story with an important message of hope that I hope to spread all around the world through the net. This comic is extremely labour-intensive, but I would like it to look its very best at all times for the pleasure of you, the reader.
My wish of realizing it is kind of all that keeps me going right now, but it can't keep my stomach going, sadly. : )

By supporting me, you reassure the completion of Raedus and hopefully make it possible for me to hire a fellow artist to assist me by filling in flat colors on the pages. 
As a patron, you will also get to full-view exclusive hi-res art material that will not be available anywhere else online. 

In the future, I would like to create more comics that combine fantasty with reletable themes.
The comic I'm planning on making after Raedus is a story about veteran ladies fighting as knights in a male-dominated medieval setting! It's a story I really want to make and I believe many would be happy to read. Your support will help it become reality!

- Hag-knights character sketches.

Future plans!

While walking this path, I have learned a lot and gained wisdom about things I had no clue about before. I have had the pleasure to be schooled by prominent artists like Nathan Fowkes and Alex Woo through Schoolism and would like to share the things I've learned with the world as a part of my artistic journey!

If the support is big enough, I will be sharing exclusive art tutorials every month with supporters, covering the fundamentals of art from a slightly different perspective. My tutorials are mainly aimed at people who are already on the path and would like to push their art to the next level! 
These are the planned topics I have so far:

- GESTURE 1 - "Finding the Line of Action"
- Gesture 2 - "Applying Gravity"
- Gesture 3 - "Balance"
- Gesture 4 - "Conveying the shape"
- Gesture 5 - "Conveying the form"

- Color and Light 1 - "Values - a brief summary"
- Color and Light 2 - "Reflection and bump-lights"
- Color and Light 3 - "How to apply color to value"
- Color and Light 4 - "Painting with Green"
- Color and Light 5 - "Light-cheats"

(more will be added as time goes!!)

You can see an example of how my tutorials will look here:

There will also be so called "Talks", articles where I discuss matters such as storytelling and other, important but less technical stuff!
$12 of $50 per month
Once this goal is reached, I will be starting my art-tutorial program!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 74 exclusive posts

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