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About Yotes Games

Hey there! I'm Tony Yotes and I've been working on a little monster tamer RPG called Battle Gem Ponies since December 2014.

Never heard of it? There's a short gameplay video you can watch here. But to quickly summarize, it's a fully animated, turn-based, monster collecting RPG featuring super-powered shapeshifting ponies!

Basically elemental rock-paper-scissors with a slew of customizable combat mechanics to give immense depth to gameplay about making a rainbow's worth of marshmallow ponies fight each other for sport (don't worry, they love it). The result is a mix of awesome and adorable aesthetics that’s cooler than it has any right to be!

The Journey So Far

Battle Gem Ponies evolved from a simple Pokémon fan game idea dreamed up by one weird artsy kid in programming class back in 2010, into a My Little Pony RPG meant to stand alongside the brony fandom's greatest projects, then to a full-blown original indie game production by the time that kid graduated college, and THEN it became a full team effort once that kid grew up to be a professional programmer for a few years and met some talented friends & coworkers while continuing this project on the side, AND THEEEN the project became that dude's full-time priority in life once COVID-19 took that office job away and left that guy with a serious deadline. Finish this game before life savings run out, or else.

That dude's name is Tony Yotes. The same person writing up this very description. So believe me when I tell you, this passion project has been a decade long labor of love. Extending far beyond any fad, or cloning attempt, or quick cash grab. 

This game is being forged from the desire to meet this game genre's true potential. For too long my favorite game series has been declining in quality in my eyes, and I've wanted to do something about it. To lead by example and show what an accessible, polished, and genuine competitive turn-based RPG can look like.

There’s been about 10 years total between dreaming this up and getting to this stage in development. Along the way I’ve released 6 other games on the App Store, the most popular of them being a pony-themed action RPG called Unicorn Training.

In the years following that I've updated readers on the progress of Battle Gem Ponies on the Yotes Games Blog and even formed a small team consisting of myself as the game's designer/producer/artist, a technical lead who goes by the alias Royal, a gameplay programmer going by Psyaryu, and the talented orchestral & chiptune musicians Euleom and Bluco. 

And pretty much all on a budget of zero (not counting the tens of thousands total spent on equipment, convention booths, merchandise inventory for cancelled cons, and rent during periods of unemployment), with just the hopes that the game pays itself off when it finally releases by the end of 2022.

The Ultimate Goal

The end goal is to be able to hold a stable career as a growing indie brand and make bigger and better games with more and more collaborators over time.

This game is the first of many, and we'd like to stand by  principles of integrity, promising never to get involved with outside investors interested only in profit no matter the sacrifices to quality and player enjoyment. The only shareholders in Yotes Games, LLC will be the very same developers putting hours of work into the games we make together.

Why Patreon & Not Kickstarter?

I decided to open up a Patreon as an easy-to-use donation pool to support the game's development over the many years of development hell while I slowly figured out how to execute a project of this scope. (It all sounds so easy until you try to do it!)

So far the generous donations both here and through PayPal as far back as 2013 have led to things like new equipment, website hosting servers, game development tools, and convention panels that kept this project from fading out of existence. Giving me hope and support basically throughout my entire young adult life. For that, I am personally eternally grateful.

For the next step however, we'll need to kick things up a notch.

As a company wanting to stay away from turning to big bosses with money, our options are to apply for grants, indie funds, and crowdfunding. Applications have been sent to Humble Bundle's Black Game Developer Fund (since we happen to fit the bill so well) but in case that particular miracle doesn't come through, we'll need to turn to the gaming community at large.

Sites like Kickstarter work great for getting a lot of attention for a short amount of time and having an active following going into a campaign like that Day 1 could lead to us quickly commissioning a team of artists to rapidly cut down development time, cover living expenses for the latter half of 2021 (so we don't have to go look for new jobs when savings run dry this Summer), and we could even exceed expectations and buy enough time to throw in some extra features that would've otherwise hit the cutting room floor.

So we definitely will be on Kickstarter come August 2021!

But your continued support on Patreon is what's paying for all the monthly fees that pop up when you're just trying to make a game with friends over the internet and tell everybody you can about it. The fact that we don't have to worry about delivering pizzas every now and then just to keep the lights on is helping ensure Battle Gem Ponies is the best game it can possibly be.

Again, I'm deeply thankful for the people that have been supporting me and this project since the Yotes Games website first went live in 2013. I want to do right by those who have been going the extra mile and donating their hard-earned cash to my ambitious gamedev efforts. I'll be making sure every cent goes towards making the game better, the company a healthier place to work at, and getting our digital baby out in front of as many folks as possible!

Rewards Galore

Now you’re probably wondering what YOU can get out of this Patreon arrangement.
And in a word: ACCESS. More specifically, access to the clubhouse of excessive coolness.

We're offering up
  • Access to exclusive playtest builds.
  • Behind the scenes development info like Unity Scripts, screenshots, sprite sheets, and detailed development schedules.
  • Patron votes on design decisions we need outside opinions on.
  • And if your tier is high enough, early access to the final game itself. We're gonna need some dedicated fans to give us feedback on those closed Alpha and Beta builds after all.
  • Plus being a Patron nets you an immortal spot in the game's credits.

If any of that sounds enticing, welcome aboard the hype train!

Payment through Patreon would be a recurring monthly donation to the official Yotes Games business account. If you'd rather make a one-time donation, you can use this PayPal link instead and the listed Patron rewards will still apply.

You can play the latest public demo right now!
Version 7.0 is available on Itch.io. (Android, PC, Mac, Linux)

And the Patreon Exclusive builds can be found here!
The Christmas 2020 Demo is also available on Itch.io. (Android, PC, Mac)

Blog Twitter Facebook | DeviantArt IndieDB | YouTubeEQD ForumsMLP Forums |
Instagram | Steam |
Programmers: Royal & Psyaryu
Musicians: EuleomBluco

Thank you for considering my Patreon! I'm always open to feedback, suggestions, reward ideas, and questions. And if social media isn't your cup of tea, you can always just hit up the official email: [email protected]

We hope to get this game into your hands soon!

69% complete
First thing's first. We'll need monthly income of around $150 USD to keep Yotes Games afloat while developing BGP.

There's always server bills at the end of the month, business licenses that need to be renewed, contracts that need to be written, new software we need, computer parts to replace, and fees that come out of nowhere.

Keeping the Yotes Games account from being overdrawn again will always be a good thing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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