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Hey there! I'm Tony Yotes and I've been a solo indie dev working on Battle Gem Ponies since December 2014.

Never heard of it? There's a giant forum post about it here. But to quickly summarize, it's a fully animated, turn-based, monster collecting RPG featuring super-powered shapeshifting ponies.

Basically elemental rock-paper-scissors with a slew of customizable combat mechanics to give immense depth to gameplay about making a rainbow's worth of marshmallow ponies fight each other. A mix of awesome and adorable aesthetics that’s cooler than it has any right to be!

The Journey So Far

Battle Gem Ponies evolved from a simple Pokémon fan game idea I had in high school, to a My Little Pony RPG meant to stand alongside the brony fandom's greatest projects, to a full-blown original indie game production by the time I graduated college. Dramatically improving in quality over years of practice and hard-learned lessons.

There’s been about 8 years total between dreaming this up and getting to this stage in development. Along the way I’ve released 6 other games on the App Store, the most popular of them being a pony-themed action RPG called Unicorn Training.

The Ultimate Goal

The current Yotes Games team is made up of myself and the talented orchestral & chiptune musicians E^2 and Bluco, pretty much on a budget of zero, with the hopes that the game pays off when it finally releases.

The end goal is to be able to hold a stable career as a growing indie brand and make bigger and better games with more and more collaborators over time.

Why Patreon & Not Kickstarter?

I decided to open up a Patreon as an easy-to-use donation pool to support the game's development. So far the generous donations has led to things like new equipment, website hosting servers, game development tools, and convention panels.

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter work great for hiring a team outright and covering planned out expenses, but this project basically already has everything it needs except for my dedicated time putting the pieces together. With the help of Noble Patrons I can forgo working an entry-level IT job to support myself and focus 100% on Battle Gem Ponies full-time.

I promise on my life to finish this game no matter how long it takes. But maintaining a day job prevents me from putting in the 12 hour workdays a project like this demands. The release date would certainly be pushed further and further back.

Gaining your support on Patreon has the potential to make Battle Gem Ponies the best game it can possibly be AND get it released on multiple platforms within the next year!

I'm deeply thankful for the people that have been supporting me and this project since the Yotes Games website first went live in 2013. I want to do right by those who have been going the extra mile and donating their hard-earned cash to my ambitious gamedev efforts. I'll be making sure every cent goes towards making the game better and getting it in front of as many people as possible!

Rewards Galore

Now you’re probably wondering what YOU can get out of this Patreon arrangement.
And in a word: LOTS.

I’m offering up
  • Access to exclusive playtest builds.
  • Behind the scenes development info like Unity Scripts, sprite sheets, and release schedules.
  • Patron votes on design decisions like alternate pony colors and story scenarios.
  • Any of your pony OCs drawn in the BGP pixel art style (battle sprite and overworld mini).
  • And even custom trainer characters designed after you that can be battled in the final game!

An unlike other Patreons out there, this one works on a Pledge Pileup system. Where your donations stack each month, granting you access to higher tier rewards the longer you stick around.

So being a $25 patron for 4 months would net you the same rewards you get for being a one-time $100 donor!

If any of that sounds enticing, welcome aboard the hype train!

Payment through Patreon would be a recurring monthly donation to the official Yotes Games business account. If you'd rather make a one-time donation, you can use this PayPal link instead. Patron rewards will still apply.

You can play the latest public demo right now!
Version 7.0 is available on Itch.io. (Android, PC, Mac, Linux)

Blog Twitter Facebook | DeviantArt IndieDB | Relic CastleMLGD
YouTubeGamasutraEQD ForumsMLP ForumsPokeCommunity
Musicians: E^2Bluco

Thank you for considering my Patreon! I'm always open to feedback, suggestions, reward ideas, and questions. And if social media isn't your cup of tea, you can always just hit up my email: [email protected]

I hope to get this game into your hands soon!

$109 of $500 per month
With this much money we can keep Yotes Games afloat while developing BGP.

There's always server bills at the end of the month, business licenses that need to be renewed, contracts that need to be written, computer parts to replace, and fees that come out of nowhere.

Keeping the Yotes Games account from being overdrafted again will always be a good thing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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