Yotes Games is creating Battle Gem Ponies

Noble Patron

$1 /mo
Donating anything will get you my eternal gratitude. You helped get Yotes Games off the ground! 

For that, you'll get your name in the Battle Gem Ponies end credits.

Shining Gem

$5 /mo
A step above the common tier for those who want to give this game a big push towards a successful launch.

For that, you'll get your name more prominently displayed i...


Ace Trainer

$10 /mo
You went above and beyond, and that deserves some recognition. So look forward to the monthly Patreon shoutout on the official BGP devlog.

You'll also get your name ...


Special Somepony

$20 /mo
Yes, my love can be bought, and the price is about 20 bucks a month. For that much, you will become my special somepony and I will enthusiastically hug you should we ever cross paths at a conventio...


$50 /mo
A high roller like you deserves something a little extra. So how about having an in-game trainer designed after you?

We'll chat and figure out what you want your hum...