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Ah, Pluto. You used to be the smallest planet. Now you’re just a bigger, non-planetary celestial body within our solar system. Kinda stings. Not gonna lie.

As a Nash (get it? Pluto Nash), you get yourself a bonus vote and you get the episodes early, plus our eternal thanks. 

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Mercury, the new smallest planet. You used to be second smallest which made you feel kinda superior, but now you’re the eenciest of planets and you’re getting a complex about it. At least you can still laugh at Pluto.

As a Mercurian Candidate, you get all of the above, an additional bonus vote and access to exclusive monthly ringtones from your favorite characters. You might even get chosen for a personalized ringtone! 

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  • 2 x Bonus Vote
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Oh, Mars. The red planet. The almost Earth. 

As a Mars Rover you get all of the above plus a third bonus vote and access to our monthly character journals! Journals will become available the first week of every month. You will also get a thank you on our website. Yes, you’re name will stay there even when you stop. It’ll just be put in the section of people that used to be cool.

  • Early access to every episode
  • Ringtones & Notifications
  • 3 x Bonus Votes
  • Monthly Journals
  • Thank you on our Website




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About You Are Here Sci Fi Audio Drama

Welcome to You Are Here!
This Choose Your Own Adventure Scifi Audio Drama is the first of it's kind. You the listener will be in the driver's seat directing the main character's actions.
Roughly every 5 episodes the characters will be met with a choice to make. You're going to make that choice by voting on polls that you can find here on

Here on our Patreon page you can donate as little as $1 an episode to receive an extra vote and early episode releases. Donate even more and you start getting rewarded! Take a look at what all the tiers have to offer and see if any peak your interests.

And as always, thanks for listening!
$4 of $75 per month
$75 a month will pay for the website, maintenance, production program subscriptions, and media hosting. We can now start recuperating some of the funds we have put into our passion. More importantly this goal will show the writers they have fans and drive them forward even harder.
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