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        About YouMagine

        We created YouMagine to be the repository for 3D creators to share with the world. It's one of the few neutral places that brings together creators and users of 3D printable content. Our goal is to contribute to the vibrant 3D printing community and make 3D printing and 3D design useful and fun!

        Thanks to generous creators around the world, today, YouMagine offers a large and diverse library of high quality 3D designs. All of it is free to use, study and improve!

        Why this Patreon campaign?
        We'd love to improve YouMagine much more! We have more ideas and we'd love to hear yours.

        Why we believe YouMagine is an important resource
        • Open: YouMagine promotes open source licenses for 3D printing related content. There are several open licenses to choose from. We're also open to other forms of digital fabrication content is less common, but is welcome too.
        • Neutral and independent: YouMagine was originally started by Ultimaker but today it is 100% independent from Ultimaker. Continued funding does come from Ultimaker's co-founders Erik de Bruijn and Martijn Elserman, however, users of any 3D printer are welcome and 3D designs for any printer are welcome too. We care about the community as a whole.
        • Feature packed: We offer unique features such as a powerful 3D viewer, Jam, issue tracking and "donations for designers" and we'd love to know what you think should be next!
        Why contribute through Patreon?
        YouMagine really appreciates your help to continue to operate and improve the site. Sadly, servers and bandwidth are all but free, and YouMagine is quite a heavy and costly application to run. Similarly, creating improved functionality that really works well takes time. And a web developer's time is in high demand and not cheap.

        Other ways to contribute?
        If you can't spare any money, contributions such as designs or helping to promote the platform wherever possible is also a great way to help out. Also, if you are a Rails front-end, back-end or full stack developer willing to help out, feel free to get in touch!

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