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About Your Overwatch/Destiny

We are Your Overwatch; a trio of YouTube content creators focused on bringing you the best Overwatch guides, news and community content. At the request of our viewers we have set up a Patreon to give our most devoted fans the opportunity to get more out of the YO experience and support the project directly. Remember that all rewards are OPTIONAL and our current content will remain the same.

At the launch of Overwatch we were just another bunch of barely known gaming YouTubers who had a passion for gaming but now, as we approach the year anniversary of Overwatch’s launch we have now come to make gaming media our full time jobs. A dream job indeed and a project we’d like to expand. Patreon funding will be used to keep up the consistent high quality our fans have become accustomed to while we increase our production capacity by hiring additional help to speed up the process. It may surprise you how many hours go into some of your favorite YO videos!

Having generous fans support us on Patreon will give us a direct line of communication to our most dedicated fans needs, as well as give us the resources to do MORE of our resource intensive content. This even includes possibly branching out into new exciting projects for you all to enjoy.

Types of Content YourOverwatch Makes
With the three of us, our channel creates a wide array of Overwatch content. These are our current video formats.

Instructional Content
Advanced Guides that are in depth on specific parts of heroes, maps, game modes and the complex game of Overwatch in general; taken from the perspective of the highest level esports context blended with tactics specifically for online matchmaking. Also, play by play coaching videos covering gameplay submitted by viewers.

News & Community Discussion
We keep a close ear to the ground to gather, decipher and translate all news regarding Overwatch. We pride ourselves in providing accurate, insightful and fair perspectives on the on-goings for the game as a whole, its competitive play and the community’s interests.

We’ve recently added more fun-centered content and look to expand this area in future. Parodies, memes, animations, Top 5 countdowns, songs, funny moments, live plays; as long as we can do it well, we’re interested in trying it if our audience likes it!

Destiny 2
Up until this point Overwatch has been our only focus but that is all about to change, the destiny 2 channel will include videos similar in nature and just as well produced as YourOverwatch but on a completely different IP covering multiple platforms. We aim to be your number 1 source of Destiny 2 news and guides!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
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