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About You're Perfect Studio


We are thrilled at your interest in our growing team of artists and developers!

You're Perfect Studio is a tiny independent games and art studio based in beautiful Bat St. Louis, Mississippi. We operate as a hybrid worker/artist cooperative focused on developing talent in 3D visualization, 2D and 3D game development, and related fields. Your support on Patreon helps us cover the expenses of running our skills development program, giving students and others new the industry a chance to learn valuable teamwork skills while learning within their chosen field and working with experienced professionals.

As a Patron of You're Perfect Studio you will receive exclusive content (including content you may use in your own projects), early access to development builds of our projects, and even direct access to our developer and artist chatrooms where our daily project work is discussed.

Our Games

All of these games are open-source, meaning we allow you to use the graphics, music, and code in your own projects to remix and reuse however you like. You can find some of our free-to-use music and artwork here.

Our values

  • We welcome everyone.
  • We highlight diversity.
  • We contribute to our communities.
  • We value privacy.
  • Our games have non-violent play options available.
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* Support MacOS and iOS (iPhone) for our games
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