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After a year... Hellcephiran Patreon is back! Now with 10% more edge and a new sister comic!

What is Hellcephira? Hellcephira is a webcomic!
Category: Fantasy - Romance - Comedy
Audience: PG - Currently contains no mature content or foul language.
Updates: Wednesdays

Hellcephira, home of noble people living on a planet not designed for them to live on.
Some say they are capable of splitting their bodies and souls to re-incarnate on earth or other lesser planets .By doing so they gather energy for their home realm. Once their task is done, their avatar dies and they can go back home.Those who already had several avatars can become spiritual guardians for newbies. Or at least that's how it usually works.

Prince Luciferimus became a guardian at very young age due to his royal roots. Being too inexperienced he broke many laws and ended up falling in love* with the earthling he was supposed to take care of. Meanwhile his oldest brother used his special powers to play a prank on the youngling and accidentally broke his soulstone making Luciferimus' ward die.

*He used his powers to teach her telepathy. Together they were spending their time in Realm of Dusk - a magical place accessible only during meditation, where his ward fell in love with him too.

Ok, but you said something about some sister comic? What is it?
Oh, reader. The second comic is called Working Around, and it's a casual fun project!
Category: Fantasy - Comedy - Adventure
Audience: PG - Contains some foul language but no mature content
Updates: Saturdays

Working around is a casual comic with a light, easy to follow story perfect for people who find Hellcephira too complicated. It follows the story of Sil, a workophobic elf bard who got kicked out of his parent's house for not wanting to work in a mine. He believed his music will net him enough money to live without having to work.

On his way, Sil is kidnapped by a group of pirates what starts his journey in the big wide world. He meets two great friends and together they try to find a workaround to their issue with money without having to find a real job. Because you know... Working around is still some kind of working, isn't it?

What will you use the money for?
Most likely for new art supplies and advertising for my comics.

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