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About Yumi Yarns

Hello & welcome to the Yumi Yarns Patreon Page. Thank you so much for visiting, supporting & for joining the group! I can't tell you how much every single one of you means to me & how much your support impacts what I'm able to provide to the knitting and crochet community. You guys are just the best!

Yumi Yarns is a knitting and crochet company created by designer, Shaina Scott (me!). At YumiYarns.com I strive to provide fun & engaging knitting and crochet patterns that encourage you to fearlessly stretch your skills and imagination by providing tutorials, tips & tricks tailored to the projects. Nobody should be afraid to try something new with sticks & string, I'm here to help you each step of the way.

I'm a mother, wife, dog parent & full-time desk jockey in addition to my design & tutorial work. (So, about as busy as everyone else.) By becoming a Yarn Groupie (aka Patreon supporter), you'll be making it easier for me to determine how much revenue I can count on for each month. This will make it much easier for me to create a consistent schedule to release new patterns & tutorials because I'll know how much time I can justify devoting to my business without taking away time from my family.

Not quite sure what this Patreon-thing is? Patreon is a way for you to encourage and support my work at YumiYarns.com by pledging a small amount of money each month towards helping me to develop more amazing knitting and crochet content for you & the rest of the fiber arts community!

This is a voluntary contribution so you pick how much you would like to pledge. I want to keep this as simple as possible for everyone so anyone pledging $5 or more per month will automatically get each pattern I release (and the corresponding tutorials) for free beginning as soon as the first payment has processed.

As a Patreon member, you will be helping out in 3 ways:
1.)You will be providing support for all the great free content put out at YumiYarns.com each month. (You can view my goals on the left to see eactly what your funds will help with.)
2.) You will be enabling other crafty folks with access to more free fiber arts content and tutorials.
3.) You will be making life simpler for yourself because you'll automatically get each new pattern sent to you upon it's release if you chose to contribute at least $5 per month.

Thank you so so much for being here & for supporting YumiYarns.com, you are amazing & can do anything!

Happy Crafting!
Shaina  ^_^
$14 of $300 per month
At $300 per month I'll be able to hire sample knitters for each pattern which means that I will be able to increase the amount of patterns I can create each month. Currently, I can manage about 1 pattern per month on my own but this will allow me to create 2 new patterns and the tutorial content to accompany them each month. (This means that you guys will get 2 patterns per month for $5 instead of 1!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to