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You can make this proposal every  time that Yuxtap has chosen a certain profession and during the next two  weeks, there will be an investigation of the 20 historical people that are part of that profession. 




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About Yuxtap (The History Emulator)

Click here to visit: Yuxtap Website

Have you ever imagined if you could play, pause or stop the world history?
Or maybe accelerate and decelerate the events that happend in the past?

Yuxtap was imagined as a User Interface (UI) of the World History, instead of just reading texts, the user can play with all the information contained in this little time machine.

Best of all, you can know where the historical people were on a certain date and what they were doing there. You can also see how the stories of these people were related to each other or maybe, unknowingly lived very close at a given time.

Google Maps was invented to guide us through the world paths. But now, the way we use Google Maps in Yuxtap, was invented to guide us through world history paths.

Hello everyone! My name is Rodrigo.

On December 2017, while I was working in my last job, I was sent to give trainings to some teachers and the topic was how to teach robotics to kids.

In one of the sessions of the training, we wanted the teacher to understand how to apply the concept of transversality to educational robotics, that is, how they could teach some regular subject of their courses combining it with robotics or technology, as it could be with mathematics, spanish, etc.

While I was explaining it, I started to give some examples of how to do it and one that came to my mind was to tell them that maybe a geography teacher could explain their subject using Google Maps. Then I had a little moment of glory when my mind clicked and it occurred to me that these maps could also be used to explain the history of the world.

A few months later, this is a reality.


The website is already running (Click here to visit: Yuxtap Website); however, there is still a lot of information that needs to be uploaded to the server.

I plan to upload the story of writers, scientists, military, politicians, social fighters, athletes, artists, poets, businessmen, and so on. Month to month I will upload the information of at least 20 characters. I will propose some topics and others will be proposed by you.

This people can be uploaded a single biography of a person or as an event (two or more biographies that are related to each other). For example, you can see the biography of Vladimir Lenin individually or you can see it related to other biographies, like Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Nicholas II, under the event of the Russian Revolution. 

To make this website reach its goal, I work full time in it. I will perform the research for each of the characters and topics, which will later be uploaded to the servers that we are currently renting for this project to stay alive. In addition, also as a programmer, I will be making the changes pertinent to the programming.

As our patron, you'll get access to the community around it and the history behind this webpage. As well as you can participate choosing which historical content may appear on the page and you can also propose improvements in the use of the website. The contributions to this project are given by month by month and can be changed or canceled at any time.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to read all of this and if you decide to be a patron of this project, you will also be part of the history of Yuxtap.

If you want to learn how to use the website go to this post: Yuxtap Video Tutorial

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Currently, clicking on an icon on the Yuxtap website opens an information window where a brief explanation of the event appears in text form and there is also a link to an external source where you can get more relevant information from thetheme.

When we get to this goal, we will enable the visualization, within those same information windows as a complement to the above, the option to watch Youtube Videos and to be able to listen to the Podcasts of people who explain these topics.

Example of video explanation.

Example of podcast explanation.
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