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About ZMD78

Hi and Welcome
I am Currently working on numerous mods for Skyrim for use at :

Mods Complete:
ZMDs Hand Nail Colours Overlays RaceMenu CBBE SE
Osare GothicLolita White Dress Blooded Version CBBE
ZMDs Feet Soles Nail Texture Overlays for Race Menu CBBE SE 2,4 or 8K [Complete] SE and LE
ZMDs Foot Feet Nail Art Textures for CBBE The Pure SSE 8K [Complete]
ZMD's Pink Female Braces for Human Mouth (The Pure) [Complete]
ZMDs Feet Soles Nail Texture Overlays for Race Menu CBBE 4 K [Complete] SE (LOVERSLAB Version)
DLSMorePacifiers SSE Re Colour by ZMD (loverslab)
ZMDs Reshade Preset and Optional HD Graphic Guide SE-Non ENB

Mods WIP:
Gothic make up for race menu [wip]
Custom stand alone follower Alana Haze and Leon Haze [wip]
Custom tattoos for race menu [wip]

Other WIP:
Digital Adult Grapic Novel details will follow.

I am Currently Very inspired to create further mods for Skyrim LE/SE

I would like to work closer with my fans and contribute their input and ideas into my mods.
I will Be creating a rewards section for My Patreon Supporters and will also provide access to beta stage mods and early access to what Im working on at the time.

Thankyou for your support it means much to me :)

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