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About Zabujca

What is BearPaw?
To keep it short, BearPaw is an application made by me to help you managae data collections by standardizing folder naming in a way that can be used for sorting and tagging them for easy access, searching for something specific and to overall save you some time!

Why did I make it?
I always got annoyed by unsorted and messy data, and doing it manually was slow and inefficient enough to take stray away from doing it whatsoever. After some time I got an idea to standardize naming, which then I put into semi-automation which takes a fraction of time, and is fast enough to tag as you go without disturbing your flow.

My goal?
My plan for this application is to basically embrace feature creep and refine data storage to make it as easy and fast as possible with automation, but still keep you in charge of everything you deem necessary.

Why patreon?
I feel that there is a lot of potential in this kind of application, so I want to try focusing solely on improving and adding functionalities to it. Also support type of income allows me to keep developing it and still make enough money to survive, I hope.

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