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About Zack Lawrence

Who Am I?

My name is Zack Lawrence, and I'm a storyteller.  I've been in love with filmmaking since 2004, and have worked in just about every area of the filmmaking process over the years.  I've made a feature film, In His Steps, a web series that ran for over 100 episodes called Indy Christian Review (which is what I was doing when I started this Patreon page), and tons of short films (The player below features some of my favorites).  These days I focus on writing, directing, and editing, with some voice acting on the side.

My Short Films Playlist

Why do you do what you do?

I believe that stories can change lives, and those are the kinds stories I want to tell.  I want to make films that encourage people to examine their lives and be empowered to change them for the better.  Like I say on my production company’s website, Standing Sun Productions, I work from three core values:
Family without compromise – As a husband and father of four, I realize that investing quality and quantity time with your family is the greatest legacy you can leave behind.  My ultimate goal of being a full-time filmmaker comes along with building a lifestyle that allows for me to be present in my family’s life.
Challenge without defiling
- I believe that stories can be told in a way that can challenge someone’s view of the world without dragging them through the muck of gratuitous violence, sexuality, and language. While the golden rule of film making is “Show, Don’t Tell,” I believe that in the right situations, “Imply, Don’t Show” is often far more powerful!
Excellence without Settling - I strive for artistic and professional excellence in all my productions. I want each project to push me to higher levels of quality than the project before it. Even if I fall short of the highest quality, I will never allow myself to settle for “good enough.”

Why Patreon?

As I develop my next big feature film project, I'm working on creating high quality short films to keep my creative muscles exercised.  The purpose of this Patreon campaign is to raise funds to go toward creating those films.  The more support I get here, the bigger budgets I can put toward films, and the better quality they can be!

To show my gratitude for your support, I'm offering some different rewards for people who pledge at certain amounts. That's all broken down in the Rewards section. And there are also a few milestone goals I'd love to be able to reach. When we reach those goals, I'll do something special for you!

What if I Can't/Don't Want to Donate?

No problem!  Most of my short films will be made available for public viewing on YouTube, so don't feel like you're going to miss out.  If you want to support what I do, but can't contribute financially, you can share my films with your friends and family!  The more people that see the films, the more lives can be impacted by the stories.

Thank you so much for your support, and I look forward to getting to know you as we grow an awesome community here!
$50.10 of $75 per short film
A portion of each film's contributions will be able to be budgeted toward producing my ambitious sci/fantasy project Delantare as an animated series! To celebrate, I will add monthly live hangouts for patrons to all Reward Tiers!
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