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So, here is what's up.  

I'm creating a bunch of Youtube videos about drawing superheroes, and they are getting more popular as time goes on! 

What does this mean?  People love learning to draw comics,  and I'm going to continue teaching people around the world.

You can join the world wide class any time, however you will have exclusive access to extended lessons, videos and much more that you will never catch on Youtube!


I have a comic that has been in production for years and it's ready to blow up the scene! What is it like? Think Dark Knight, meets Daredevil, with a whole bunch of Guardians of the Galaxy mixed in.  
This is in the works, and will be coming to you soon.

How soon?  That's up to you! 
Select a membership level
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Keep up to date with all things art.

- Sketches (with notes) that is work friendly,   

   I promise!

+ Illustrative layouts

+ Random notes and sketches.  

Some DLC!
per month
All of Tier 1  

+ 2 PSD files a month

+ Video process of those PSD's

+ illustrations that are not exactly safe for you to look at in public (sexy pinups)

Some Live Art
per month
Tier 1 + Tier 2

+A Live Drawing Session! Talk to me 2 times a month and watch me draw up some madness

Show me what you can do
per month
Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Tier 3

+ The 2 PSD Files all done up properly for you to color!  (The way professionals line up art before it is shipped off to the colorist)

 Show me what you have created while we're on the live session!

+ Access to the previous months conent

Get some physical stuff
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per month
You get Tiers 1 - 4

+ Custome Prints or posters!  Tell me which illustrations to print out, and I'll send it to you!  

 (11x17, or 8.5x11, or 6x9.). 

  It will come signed, unless you say otherwise


  *Both prints will be sent to you in one package at the end of the month*

Just for you
Limited (3 of 3 remaining)
per month
You get Tiers 1 - 5

+1 Custom 9x12 Delivered to you each month!  Whatever Character you want, doesn't matter, I'll love doing it for you and I want you to enjoy it! 

$0 of $2,500 per month
This is what it's all about!
Sharing my love and knowledge of comic book creation with everyone!

This means more videos, lessons and sneak peeks to all my progress. 
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