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- Access to WIP and private worldbuilding articles on WorldAnvil!
- A free digital copy of the game upon release (a 20$ value**!)*
- Access to the Closed Beta of the game. (When available)
- Early Access to the Talk of the Tapestry Podcast

+Even if you stop supporting me in the future.
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* Must be a patron on game's release
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- Previous Tier rewards! - Prioritized feedback as a tester, as well as official tester role.
- A minor element of the game designed by you! (NPC, Item, Armor, Weapon, etc.)*
- Access to The Endless War: Advent of Man project! A side-project that is a grand-strategy sci-fi game set in space with a focus on extensive galactic generation and highly customizable gameplay.

*Subject to approval with or without changes.

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Hello! I've been working towards making a dream game since I was a child with the help of a team friends with the goal to enshrine and capture the magic of our childhoods, the games we played and the feelings they gave us. This has been a passion project that has captured my imagination and given me purpose since the question has been asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I've always wanted to make video games, but I have come to realize this is the only one that matters to me. I have always loved RPGs and I wanted to make my own. Unfortunately I cannot afford to finish the game within any reasonable time frame if I have no outside support at this point, and I've turned to Patreon for assistance.

What are you making? What's the game about?
I am making a JRPG called the Adventures of Zack The Great. It is about a world of might and magic, ravaged by dark force fueled by chaos and hatred. You play Zack, son to a grand knight, who tries to save his father and his hometown but perishes in the process. Over the course of years while in a coma, he was rebuilt as a cyborg by a group of mysterious scientists. Robbed of his childhood and with no other purpose he sets forth on a quest to avenge his father. Initially self-righteous and ignorant, he learns he doesn't have to do this alone, and finds strength and purpose in the friends who help him along the way.

But not everything is as it seems. Dark and terrible secrets that threaten the very foundation of his world lie in wait on his path to revenge...

The world currently has a WorldAnvil page available if you want to learn more about the lore and setting:

How are you making this game?
I am using Game Maker Studio 2. Originally I was using RPG Maker MV and (mostly) Yanfly's library of plugins but ran into issues.

I am also collaborating with my friends and my wife for tasks I cant' do all by myself such as art, concepting, and most importantly testing. My friend Forgotten Dawn has been writing the majority of the music as well. Although the world was mostly made by me a lot of it's spirit has been made by the shared dreams of all my friends.

Why should I support you?
I've been working on this game for as long as I can remember. I've made it, remade it, and remade it again due to a variety of reasons, not limited to technical issues and crashes. But I have enough experience with Game Maker to be able to make this game a reality. The last thing I need is your support!

I've been paying for development of this game out of pocket, and my financial situation has worsened every so slightly since moving out on my own. I can't focus on the game as much as I used to and it fills me with despair and a lack of purpose. Every cent you contribute will allow me to focus more and more on this game. If I'm lucky even be able to work on it full time again.

Most Patreons making games already have games under their belt, I do not. All I got is all the years spent with this game, and my graphics/interactive media experience, so I can understand why supporting me might be hard. But if you believe in this game, that it deserves to be finished, please support me.

What do I get out of this?
Depending on how much you donate, there are multiple things I am offering, such as:
 - A copy, access to my development feed plus name in credits! (1$ or more)
 - Access to the closed Alpha test (5$ or more)
 - Designing a monster, NPC, weapon, armor, or item!* (10$ or more)
 - Designing of two monsters, weapons, armor, or items!* ($15 or more!)

* I retain the right to tweak, modify, and all together not implement certain ideas, but I will do my best to consider each one!

What will my money go towards?
Every dollar will be spent on one of two things:

- My living expenses. This is rent, bills, food, and gas so I can go drive and buy food.
- The Game. Anything I don't spend for living goes towards the game costs. These include cost of music, coding outsourcing (I do mostly eventing and coding), legal stuff, and art.

Final Words
I would like to say that I am very appreciative and humble of any and all the support I've been getting over the years. I really couldn't do any of this without you. If you want to give a one-time gift, please consider my Ko-Fi.

$15.73 of $20 per month
With this I'll be able to support my subscription to World Anvil without worry, very important to the continued development of the game.
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