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About Hazel, Janet & Zac

Welcome and Thank You for joining us on Zacs Portal For Evolutionary Wisdom and his Channeled Deep Dive conversations.... We are delighted you are joining us on this exciting journey.

Our dream is for Humanity to Awaken and truly THRIVE during the phenomenal 'once in many lifetimes' ascension opportunity that we are transitioning through at this unique time on our beloved and precious planet Earth!

Some background info for those of you who are new to us:
This site shares monthly conversations with the highly evolved Spirit Guide Zacharia, lovingly known as Zac who is a highly evolved aspect of the Ascended Master Djwal Khul and is channelled through the incredible Janet Treloar,
Hazel has been asking Zac questions about the exciting Ascension Journey that Humanity is taking, for over a decade now and is known for her curiosity and passion to help bring valuable timely and pertinent wisdom and guidance to those who are ready to receive it.

Through Janet, Zac, has positively assisted many many people in groups and one to one sessions to improve their lives, enhance their knowledge, deepen their understanding of who they truly are, thereby shining a light for all to be inspired to live more consciously. As Janet no longer sits for one to one sessions and the fabulous group gatherings are not geographically accessible to those who live further away to join us we have intuited that it is time to start sharing on a digital platform so many more can receive the downloads and insights.

Zacs' followers are very keen to hear more from Zac, who has much wisdom and guidance to share with us all, so in response to all of the above we have launched this Patreon site 
              "Zac's Portal for Evolutionary Channeled Wisdom & Guidance"
to provide you with information to assist, inspire and encourage you to access your own inner wisdom and also to provide you with access to conversations with Zac, who has had previous human lives and therefore his teachings are very humerous, digestible and inspiring, he has become accessible to us in answer to our call and in order to help guide us all to embrace higher principles of living and being, as we evolve and embody more of our higher selves and enter a new ascended era on Earth.

We would love to guide you to the wisdom and practical teachings which:
  • help you to see the higher perspectives of all that occurs
  • know more about the true journey of the soul
  • raise your vibration in harmony with the new energy arriving on the planet 
  • expand your energy field to build capacity as you enter living in the 5th Dimension
  • master your own evolution journey
  • have the freedom to love life and live in joy and bliss
  • live a heart led harmonious life
  • embody more and more of your higher self
  • evolve and ascend
With this in mind we are delighted you welcome you as one of our highly valued and appreciated Patrons, to enjoy and experience monthly Deep-Dive channeled conversations and discussions with Zac.

To discover more about Janet and how she came to be a channel and we have freely available "Zac Chats" which you may also enjoy...  on https://mindfulneya.net/friends/hazel-newton/
you can sign up to this site for free.

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We will record a special in depth 2 hour "Celebratory Event" with Zac!! This will be added to the Portal for you all - so do please feel free to mention this site with your like hearted cosmic friends and lets expeand this community with Awakening Souls from around the globe... as we become one big happy human family.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
Audio releases